Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Winter is our rescue puppy and 8 years old now. It all began with a guy working on the same site as my husband. That guy was going to set out a little puppy of about 8 weeks old because he could not take care of him. TJ said, “I’ll take him”. My husband called me and asked if I wanted a dog. I couldn't turn down the little fellow. So I drove the 3 1/2 hours to pick him up.

Yesterday we found out Winter has Cancer. A knot on the side of his front leg has grown in just a few months from nothing to egg sized and now apple sized. He goes in for a biopsy on the 30th to see how long he has and what can be done. We started doing research after our vet filled us in on the cost of treatment. This will be a long road but we are not going to let our puppy down. He takes care of us and especially my husband with his Cancer and we are going to take care of Winter no matter what.

Winter came to us along with another Dog we adopted during a time in our lives when we lost a couple of children due to premature birth. He was our child and helped our mind mentally. Years later he helped us welcome our adopted children into our lives. Winter is and always will be like a son to us. Those whom say a dog is just a dog have never truly loved one like us. He truly made us whole. It’s for these reasons we must do all we can to help him. You would not turn your back on a child and we will leave no stone unturned in helping him. 

With your help it makes things easier. The estimated cost of treatment is around $7000 – $8000 dollars. We have already expended money for the initial test’s which are now over $1000. With another round of testing on 1/30/14.

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