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Summary: Chaske Waters meet Tala White when they where five years old. He found her lost in the forest and walked her home. When he looks at her thirteen years later, all he sees is a bad memory of why he was in that forest that day. Thirteen years of silence between them is about to break when she finds him in that same forest but this time she isn't lost. This is only the beginning of their fate. 


Tiny feet move quickly through the thicket of the rain-forest.  Imprinting their size over a worn out path made of dirt and decaying leaves. Legs leap over rocks in the way. Toes dig into the muddy floor of small streams that weave in and out of the forest floor.

The sun peeks through the small opening, like ribbons intertwining around century old trees that never seem to end in height.

The day is starting to break and the dusk starting to settle through the Quinault rain forest as the one small child runs wild and free through it with tears on his face and a new damaged memory chomping at his backside that he will never forget.

His parents – another wild fight that would put past ones to shame.

Plates crash against a kitchen wall, the floor over flooding with broken pieces of china. His mother's temper flew high tonight from the sting of each word that left his father’s mouth. Another hole made as a fist tares through the worn out wall. His father violent side aiming for anything that wasn't his mother, the woman he loved and married.

This time it was different though. His father wasn't drunk, wasn't coming home from being gone for a month or so. Things had been normal till he let it slip he was leaving in the morning. Normally he left with no word but always came back. His mother never questioned it, just accepted it. It was a twisted love.

This small child took off after his father or so he thought.

Instead of chasing after his father, his legs instead carried him inside the forest just a mile behind his parent’s log cabin house. He was running towards the one place that had become his safe haven in the last year. 

He knows the three paths to get there, so no matter what side of the forest he was on he could always get there.

His safe place was an old tree that climbed into the sky well over five hundred feet with a wide trunk that was carved out and made hollow by some creature of the forest.  It was big enough for a small child to curl up inside like a mother’s womb.

His feet slow down as he comes to a halt a few feet away from his tree. He study’s it and what is inside his tree.

“That’s my tree!” he points out at the figure inside of it.

The creature inside lets out a whimper but doesn't move. The little boy moves in closer and grabs hold of the figure’s hand to pull whoever it was out of his spot so he could climb in there and not come out for a while.

His small hand latches onto the figure’s small hand, pulling with all his might until he makes the person come out.

The person is a little girl and he quickly lets go of her hand. She stares at him with red eyes and puffy cheeks.

Her lips quiver and fresh new tears roll down her chubby cheeks. He doesn't understand what is wrong and is confused as to why she is crying and so upset.

He has a reason to cry and hide. And this is his tree!

“I wanna go home.” She says finally.

“Well go home.” He replies back simply. It’s a simple answer to a simple request.

“I don’t know how. I’m lost.” she says to him, stuttering as she cries harder now.

The small boy grabs her hand, clearly annoyed at the issue. “Where do you live? I will take you home.” He tells her. 

The little girl starts to smile and feels safer holding his hand then in that tree she was just hiding in.

Little did that boy know how intertwined their lives would be – but not for a very a long time.

About the Author:

"I was once told I was blinded by my own flaws, that my content was too dark and violent. I have never been more encouraged to succeed. " - M. Marin  

I love to read, it's my personal fix for life. It takes you away from everything in life that is complicated and breathes new life into you through stories that capture not only your mind but maybe even a little bit of your heart as well. 

I started writing in middle school and never stopped. I was encouraged from the beginning by my mom who is my best friend (now that I'm older - lol!) and then by a string of teachers who always believed in me, even when I would fight them in the grammar department! 

I started writing fiction based on fandoms, it's a wonderful place to start and explore what suits you best. Along the way, I found my niche in writing and grew from there. I also was lucky enough to meet some amazing people as well, other writers (some who have now been published as well) and of course readers who we share our writings with. Who honestly feed our authors soul.

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