Monday, August 12, 2013

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Blue Collar Edition of the No Stress Love Fest

  Hosted by christag_banner and naelany  

This is an anonymous fest! That means no telling anyone (except the wonderful people who beta/pre-read for you) which submission is yours. Similarly, please don’t put identifying information about your beta in your author’s note. It tends to ruin the fun of an anonymous fest - and the accompanying guessing poll and reveal list - if everyone knows who has written/drawn what. Your mods are pretty laid back ladies, but this will cause us stress and, well... *points to fest title above*

You do not need to have a LiveJournal account to participate in this fest. The mods will be posting the submissions to the community and anonymous comments are allowed.

Prompts are available for use by everyone and can be used by multiple participants. You may use as many prompts as you wish, in any combination you wish. However, we will only accept submissions containing mature content from participants over 18 years of age. Please feel free to tweak the prompts to suit your needs.

All submissions must have a Blue Collar theme. That can be any form of Blue Collar work. (wiki here.) 

*Remember, love comes in many forms - forever or fleeting, platonic or passionate, all-encompassing or unrequited, innocent or get the idea. 

We want it all.  HEAs are welcome but not required.

Submissions can be any rating, any pairing, and any genre. Canon, Non-Canon, Slash, FemmeSlash, Polyamorous, AU, AH - it’s up to you!  This applies to both fics and art.

Dates to Remember:

July 21st:  Announcement & prompt acceptation posted to the fest community.
July 27th:  Final submissions of prompts must be received 11:59 PM PDT.   
September 10th:  Submissions must be received 11:59 PM PDT.  
September 15th: All submissions will be posted anonymously.   
September 20th:  Guessing Poll opens. 
September 30th: Last day for Guessing Poll.
October 5th:  Reveals!

For artists: We are happy to accept a variety of contributions such as banners, drawings, photo manips, etc. Artists have no minimum requirement, but your work should be at least slightly more complex than a basic sketch. As this is an anonymous fest, we ask that you submit your piece(s) unsigned and not make references to another piece of your work.

For authors: The only requirement is a minimum of 500 words. If inspiration strikes and you end up with 5,000, great! We are happy to accept a short series of drabbles, flash fiction, one-shots and even short, multi-chapter stories. In an effort to maintain anonymity, entries must be new material, written specifically for the fest. Continuations, outtakes, etc. from existing stories will not be accepted.

All contributions must be beta’d and/or be generally free of spelling/grammatical errors. The mods will be scanning submissions for content, but we cannot take on the role of beta/pre-reader. What you send us is what will be posted to the fest community.

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