Monday, July 29, 2013

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One does not simply walk into fandom. Don't Feed the Trolls is a documentary about breaking stereotypes. Society perceives fandoms (and their fans) in a light which is hardly flattering and, while we tend to embrace our nerdom,

It is not all we are.

A fandom is a community of fans, and writers, and artists, and poets, and cosplayers... a community of real people living real lives coming together to form a culture of their own. This is exactly what Don't Feed the Trolls sets out to show.

The film will focus on Nicole, both a fitness professional and a die hard fan. Her two very different worlds will blend together to show that there is more to belonging to a fandom than the "fanatic" stereotype society has given us.

What's More!
There is no fandom without the fans, and the filmmakers, Nicole and Liz, are determined to get those real fans involved! Not only will they be visiting this year's New York Comic Con, but they'll also be reaching out to do Skype interviews with fans across the world.

We may all share that inner nerd, but we are all real people. And we need a film that shows that. :-)

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The Film Makers:

Nicole Louise Melleby is a rising screenwriter and filmmaker who credits the Nickelodeon movie "Harriet the Spy" for her inspiration to begin writing at a young age. She attained a TV/Film degree from DeSales University, and is a Jersey girl at heart. After losing over 50 pounds and gaining a love of fitness and health, she's currently working as a certified personal trainer. Today she's kicking ass the same way all those Jillian Michaels DVD's kicked hers. She believes that the art we create should always mean something and that a freshly brewed pot of tea can solve anything. 

Her credits include:
It's the Hard Knock Life: From Script to Stage (PBS) (2013)
Secret Life of Scientists (NOVA) (2013)
Trigger Warning (2012)

Liz Welch is a passionate filmmaker with a love for anything and everything that happens behind the camera. She has a B.A. in television and film production from DeSales University, a whole year ahead of Nicole, she might add. From writing to filming to editing, she then couldn't pick just one endeavor so she's currently working towards her M.F.A. in film making at the City College of New York. One day she wants to teach young movie lovers how to get out there and make their own masterpieces. 

Her credits include:
Freedom Summer (PBS) (2014)
Muse Ascending (2013)
Trigger Warning (2012)
Natural Tendency (2011)


We are pleased to announce that Don't Feed the Trolls is fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions

They are a 501(c) organization which means that any all contributions towards Don't Feed the Trolls will be 100% tax deductible. Checks can be written to this organization and you may contact us at any time for the appropriate IRS information for your records.

You can also use the following link to make your tax deductible contribution.

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