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Justagirl28 is quickly becoming a favorite writer of mine. Her ability to write Leah with the depth of emotions and feelings are palpable. Especially when she teams the she-wolf up with Edward. It's not an uncommon pairing, but one that you need to tread lightly on. After all, how do you pair them up when you have Bella and Jacob in the mix? Regardless of opinions on the two, I am not a fan of character bashing so when a writer is able to change a popular pairing and make it work, it will always catch my attention.


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Summary: During the war with the newborns. Leah hits her head and loses her memory. In her quest to get back her life she may get more than she bargained for.

No one really had any love for the female wolf. They found her to be a bitter "drag" to be around. So they left her in her hell to morn the life she should have had. She constantly felt she had to prove herself that's what made her take on the last newborn during battle. Only one wolf tried to help her, Jacob, but he was too late. The newborn crushed her cranium against a boulder and rendered her unconscious. Her body instantly went back to its human form and Emmett and Rosalie finished off the newborn. Alice covered the female shifters body and tried to revive her. Nothing, I heard nothing from her thoughts. I only saw blackness. We all would have thought she was dead if it wasn't for her heartbeat.

"The Volturi, she needs to be removed before their arrival. I will come to her after we are finished." The pack removed her . . .

I just started this story recently and am very intrigued with the story line. It's completed so no worries about postings either. Will be getting back to you with a full review.


Justagirl28 also has two one shots that I absolutely loved!! 

The Monster Within 

Summary: I wish I could tell you that Bella and I lived happily ever after, but I was wrong ... so wrong.
This was a fantastic one shot and with a very OCC Edward! 

Basically, a very dissatisfied Edward with his choices but still trying to do the right thing. He becomes completely and utterly addicted to Leah. he must have her, at all costs. We have all sorts of naughty thoughts and action going on with a very dominant under tone. And though Leah resists and fights it, in the end, she is just as needy as Edward.

Loved the writing. Loved the story line. Smexy. Funny. A definite must read.

Various Emotions Between Leah and Edward

Summary: Because as corny as it sounds ... I am you.

This was heart breaking and inspiring at the same time. Edward and Leah are both dealing with painful loses and come together to comfort and help one another. First as friends and then more.

I really loved this one too. It was so beautifully written. Very emotional. But will make you smile.


Justagirl28 is my kind of girl. I know, very corny but true. She writes some amazing stories with very unique and different story lines. Stop by and check them out!

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