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Jiff: We're baaaaack! Did you miss us?
Jenny Kate: We sure did miss you guys! We missed you so much, we're posting this new fic before we really should! There won't be a strict posting schedule with this story. When we have a chapter finished, we'll post it! This could totally work out to your advantage, because if we're on a roll, you could get a few chapters a week, but we're not promising anything! Flying by the seat of our pants over here!
Jiff: In this case, we can say that we're flying by the seat of our bloomers!
Jenny Kate: Really cute ones, with pink ruffles. ;)
Jiff: We're really excited about this fun story and we hope you all like it, too! Big thanks to our beta, Mauigirl60!
Jenny Kate: We'd really love to hear what you think about this, please give us your thoughts in the reviews!
Jiff: As always, you can find us wasting time and being goofy on our Jiffy Kate Facebook page and on Twitter! jiffykatefanfic TrixieandTess JiffSimpson is how you can find us!

That my friends is the author's note from their latest story, Crash Zone, chapter 1.

Now, I wasn't familiar with these ladies or their stories until I came across their latest. I know, sad for me. I had also have never ever seen an A/N like that. Now, I am not a fan of long A/N's, many aren't. I know people who have flounced stories because of them. But these notes were a big...What...Is...That? Are they talking to each other? I quickly became a fan of them to the point that I would read them before the story. 

And their stories are good! Where else do you get characters with names like...

Cherry Bomb, Barbie Apocalypse, Emma Stoned, Tits McGee, Punky BruiseHer

I know right??

Their second wip is Bella Donna and oooh I am loving it too, right down to the a/n's. Now they have 8 other stories posted so these ladies can definitely write. You also find them on twitter bringing their own version of shenanigans to the fandom. I love watching when they are on a roll. These are some really funny, and very real down home ladies. They chat with everyone, they fangirl other writers, tell of their own escapades,  just some really great ladies, and why I love the Fandom. 

How can you not when you have Jiff and Jenny Kate running around ??

They were also more than willing to indulge my nosiness too! 

So here is my spotlight interview, or rather their interview with each other...

How did you two meet? Have you actually met??

Jiff: We “met” on twitter and realized how close we live to each other. We had lunch one day and the rest is TwiFicHistory!
Jenny Kate:  Yep, it was love at first bite. LOL
Jiff: Not only do we get together regularly but we’ve also gone on THE BEST Twi-adventures together!
Jenny Kate:  THE BEST!  And our next one will be to Chicago for the Twi Fic Meet Up in June!

When did you discover Twilight?

Jenny Kate:  I discovered Twilight around the time that Breaking Dawn (the book) was released.  After much persuasion from a couple of friends, I gave in and finally read the books...or more like, devoured the books.  I read them all in one week.  I’ve been a sold-out Twihard since then!
Jiff:  I discovered Twilight right after the first movie came out.  I remember seeing the trailer for the movie and being excited that “Cedric Diggory” was in another movie.  LOL  I received the box-set of The Saga for Christmas and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

How did you find the fandom?

Jiff:  I attended the very first TwiCon in Dallas, summer of 2009.  That was the first time I was able to truly discuss the books and let my Twi-flag fly.  I, even.  LOL  When I first moved to Oklahoma I didn’t really know anyone so I joined Twitter and started following the Twi-related accounts that were ‘suggested’ for me.  Thank goodness, I was led to the right people because that’s how I discovered fanfiction!
Jenny Kate: It’s been so long, so it’s kind of hard to remember, but I had a blog and frequently talked about Twilight...the books, the movies, and eventually the stars.  One day, a blogging friend, who was a closet Twihard, asked me if I’d be interested in starting up a strictly Twilight blog with her.  Along with the blog, we also opened up a Twitter account dedicated to Twilight stuff.  Between the two of those, I found my people.  It was destiny...or fate...or whatever you want to call it.

Are you in the Twicloset?

Jenny Kate:  I am SO Twilight office, tattoo...everyone knows.  For a lot of my friends and family, I’m like their Twilight go-to person.  That makes me happy.
Jiff:  It took me awhile to realize that there is, in fact, a Twicloset!  I understand why some people chose to live that way but that’s not me.  I still proudly fly my Twi-flag!

Do your significant others support your fandom life?

Jiff:  Absolutely!  My kids think I’m crazy but that’s nothing new.
Jenny Kate:  My little boy tells people that I think Edward is my boyfriend...that’s totally normal, right?  

Have you met fandom people in real life?

Jiff:  We've met TONS of amazing people because of this fandom!!  It boggles my mind how Stephenie Meyer’s dream about a vampire eventually lead me to meet some of the best people I’ve ever known.  We have friends all over the world now!  It’s crazy!

Why or how did you start writing fanfiction?

Jenny Kate:  We started talking one day about how cool it would be to write our own fic.  We didn’t really have a specific idea, but the desire to write was there.  After a couple of weeks, we decided to go with something that we knew.  We wanted our story to feel easy and natural.  So, we went with a story set in the south.  Best decision ever!

How do you come up with your story lines?

Jiff:  I have no idea!  LOL  I wanted a CajunWard so that lead to Southern Comfort.  It was JK’s idea for the John Hughes’ mash-up for Under Pressure.  With our current WIPs, we knew what kind of characters we wanted to write and created the story around them.  No matter how crazy an idea sounds, we know we can share it with each other and we’ll either put that idea to the side for later or laugh at how silly our minds work.

Favorite fics - Completed and WIP's?

Jiff:  Holy hell, how much time do we have?  We could be here all day!
Jenny Kate:  Oh, gosh...this is like a fich00rs’ worst question! 
Jiff:  Here we go!  Unexpected Circumstances by Savage.
Jenny Kate:  SO FREAKING GOOD!  Emancipation Proclamation by Khar...popped my fic cherry.
Jiff:  The ultimate fic, in my book!  I still feel the pheeeels!  What else?  Fridays at Noon by troublefollows1017
Jenny Kate:  I have so much love for Pennyward!  And Once Upon A Saturday!
Jiff:  In Your World by solostintwilight.  So beautiful!  
Jenny Kate:  SO so beautiful...makes me wanna cry.  Speaking of beautiful, The Office...which has been p2p and is now Beautiful Bastard.
Jiff:  And pretty much anything by Suzie55 and AbstractWay and Nolebucgrl.
Jenny Kate:  Yep, we’re junkies.  And, we’re currently reading Deviant by Planetblue and Glycerine by LivieLiv...both WIPs and they are AMAZING!!
Jiff:  Gah!  YES!!  Those two ladies and TheFicChick are my new favorite writers, for sure!

Where and when do you write and on what?

Jenny Kate:  I write from everywhere and on everything. LOL.  Sometimes, I write at work.  I write a lot at home on my laptop...and occasionally from my phone.  We use Google Drive.  It’s great when you’re collaborating.
Jiff:  You’ll often find us tweeting each other about meeting in gdocs and also griping about it when it’s not working!  I mostly write on my laptop at home but I’ve also been known to be ‘old school’ and write with pen and paper at my daughter’s swim meets.  LOL

Who's POV do you like writing?

Jenny Kate:  I really love writing in Edward’s POV...just something about being inside his head.  But, I’m also really enjoying our two current Bellas...they’re badass and that makes writing them fun.
Jiff:  I agree with JK.  I love EPOV.  

Do you write professionally? Do you aspire to?

Jenny Kate:  No, we don’t write professionally.  A few months ago, I probably would have said that I didn’t really aspire to either.  It just seemed like such a far-fetched idea.  But, recently, that thought has changed.  I enjoy using writing as a creative outlet so much.  I would definitely like to see something we’ve written be published.
Jiff:  I’ve always wanted to be a published writer...even before I entered the fic world.  I’ve never thought I was good enough, though, so it was just something I daydreamed about.  If JK is on-board, I’d love to give it a shot with her!

What part of the world do you live in?
Jenny Kate:  We live in ‘Merica. LOL
Jiff:  The Dirty South, baby!!

How do you do your author's notes?

Jiff:  Just like we’re answering these questions.  In gdocs, taking turns.  We, literally, type whatever comes to our real planning involved.  I think our readers will agree that’s how our notes read!  LOL
Jenny Kate:  We’ve actually taken a little bit of criticism because of them, but we have a lot of fun with them...and they’re just US.  Anyone who has met us in person, can probably attest to that.

Who is your favorite Book Boyfriend?

Jenny Kate:  Edward or Mr. Darcy
Jiff:  Edward, Jasper... Oh!  And, Aragorn!

What is your favorite Quote?

Jenny Kate:  In general or from a book?  I’m gonna go with a book quote: "Now you know," I said lightly, and shrugged. "No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you." (Bella to Edward)
— Stephenie Meyer (Breaking Dawn)
Jiff:  I love “Well-behaved women seldom make history” by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.  If I was to start quoting The Saga, we’d be here for days.

Favorite places to travel?
Jenny Kate:  Anywhere Jiff will go with me!  But, just in general, I love traveling to big cities.  NYC is next on my list!
Jiff:  I’ll go anywhere with you, bb!  I love traveling, in general.  NYC is next for me, too, after Chicago, of course.  After that, I want to travel outside the US.
Jenny Kate:  Me, too, Jiff!  I would love to go to Europe or New Zealand! 
Jiff:  Yep!  Those places are on my list!

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Jiff:  I have no idea!  In RL, people are always surprised to learn of my wild and crazy ways because they think I’m so sweet and innocent, which I am, of course!
Jenny Kate:  I don’t know either!  I’m pretty much an open book.
Jiff:  I’ve shocked many people by telling them that I once painted my face for a KISS concert, which just makes me laugh because it’s so tame!
Jenny Kate:  I like to drunk plank.  And, I’m still a NKOTB fangirl.
Jiff:  FYI, I have pictorial proof of JK’s planking and it’s brilliant.  She’s a master.  I bet people would be surprised to learn that we were THISCLOSE to Rob last year and we didn’t molest him!  We have friends who set aside bail money for us because they knew we’d get into trouble somehow!
Jenny Kate: *all the freakin’ feeeeeels*  We breathed the same air as The Pretteh!  I still can’t believe our bail money fund is still intact after that trip.
Jiff:  We’ll save it for NYC!

140 Characters or less Tweet about yourself -

Jenny Kate:  I'm a coffee junkie, part-time gangsta, full-time Twihard, fan fic addict, hardcore R/K fangirl, and one-half of JiffyKateFanFic. 
Jiff:  I’ll just put what is on my Twitter profile:  “Fangirl hard or go home! Lover of Twilight, music, movies, laughter, and fanfiction. I’m the tall one from JiffyKateFanFiction. Sarcasm font required.

Most embarrassing moment?

Jiff:  I don’t get embarrassed very easily but I have to admit, I was quite shocked when JK told Gil Birmingham to make his autograph for me to “Jiffy Lube.”  The look on his face was freaking priceless and a new nickname for me was born!
Jenny Kate:  I don’t really get embarrassed much...I can’t even remember the last time that the phrase “I’m so embarrassed” even came out of my mouth.  Oh, wait...there was this one time that my ENTIRE crazy family took a trip to Phoenix.  One of my Aunts packed some of her stuff in a Wal-Mart sack.  I’m not even kidding.  She’s also the one who cut off her panty hose and used them as a girdle under her shorts.  I can’t make this shit up.  I spent half of that trip saying “I am so embarrassed”.  I guess that would be considered second-hand embarrassed.  I tried to lose them in the Phoenix airport.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Jenny Kate: Extrovert
Jiff:  Extrovert

Text or Talk?
Jenny Kate:  I prefer Whatsapp. :)
Jiff:  Text, Whatsapp,’s all good.  I’m a wordy bitch.  Talking on the phone is my least favorite way to communicate unless JK and I are discussing fic!

Truth or Dare?

Jenny Kate:  Both! LOL
Jiff:  Depends on the dare!  I’m a chicken-shit open book!  LOL

Nook or Kindle?

Jenny Kate:  Kindle Fire
Jiff:  I sometimes use my Kindle app on my iPhone or iPad.

Spontaneity or Planning Ahead?

Jenny Kate:  I actually love planning and list making, but in all reality, I’m more of a spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl.
Jiff:  I am both, too!  I love planning and making lists but I can be spontaneous! 

Pizza or Pasta?

Jenny Kate: Both!
Jiff:  Pizza

Favorite cocktail?

Jenny Kate:  Tequila. ;)...or a Captain Morgan and Coke.
Jiff:  There are so many!  I love Captain and Ginger Ale, Long Island Teas, and Margaritas but I also have a favorite recipe given to me by a Twi/Twitter friend.  The drink is called “Come Again?” and it’s strong and yummy!

Favorite food you must have at least once a week?

Jenny Kate:  Mexican
Jiff:  Pizza, I guess.  That’s all my kids want to eat.  I love Mexican food but, sadly, they don’t.

Favorite ice cream?

Jenny Kate: Mint Chocolate Chip
Jiff:  Tin Roof
Jenny Kate:  That makes me want to say “rusted”. (<---B-52’s - Love Shack...JIC you didn’t know)
Jiff:  Ba-dum-bum!

 photo jiffykate_zpsaa3090f7.jpg

How fantastic was that! I am still laughing!!  Love  these gals!!

Make sure you check out their stories, take a peek at their blog, and follow them on twitter, they will welcome you with open arms, a cocktail, and shenanigans.

And by all means, fangirling is warranted!

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