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Being hailed by critics as an intelligent new voice in young adult fiction, Roers' debut novel tells the anything but ordinary, coming of age story of a small town, teen aged, misfit named Travis Hunter.

Disfigured at birth and ostracized at school, Travis dreams of acceptance and secretly yearns for the affection of a beautiful young woman named Corrine. When a mysterious doctor promises to help Travis through something called lucid dreaming, Travis suddenly finds himself ushered into a secret society called "The Lucid", a collection of social outcasts like himself, who have created their own world inside of dreams.

When Travis discovers he is able to bring Corrine into these dreams, he gets more than he ever bargained for and soon finds himself learning the secrets of love and life in a fantastic unconscious world.

An instant classic, Lucid is a timeless story of self-acceptance with a fresh paranormal twist.

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Published May 10th 2013 by Twilight Times Books

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My Review:

Amazing story! So in love with Travis and Corrine, and the author who opened their world up to us...

There was nothing I didn't like about Lucid.

Beautifully written. The prose was exceptional. The flow of the story was paced very well. A very smooth and smartly written story.

Lucid is the story of Travis. He is physically disfigured causing his peers to ignore and bully him because he is different. All things considered, Travis is actually rather well adjusted but still longs to belong, to be liked, and to love. 

The object of his love is Corrine. She works in the local coffee shop where Travis visits all the time so he can be near her. Corrine is a nice girl and is nice to Travis, but doesn't notice him outside the shop. 

It isn't until Travis starts going to a new doctor, a therapist that he starts to discover his true inner self. A gift of a talisman and a story of dreams takes him on the path of lucid dreaming which is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. 

Corrine appears in Travis' dream and their friendship begins, in his dream state. He doesn't understand how Corrine can be there but she is. Definitely part of the mystery that ensues.

And while their relationship blossoms, there are definite twists and turns to the story. The talisman is stolen, Travis is brutally beaten by Terry his tormentor, his relationship with his parents change, I think for the better, and along the way, Travis discovers a new confidence and self worth, an acceptance of himself. Even his physically appearance becomes  non factor, one he isn't even aware of until pointed out by Corrine.

This was a lovely, sweet story. There are parts that make you cry and cheer and in the end you are just head over heals in love with Travis.

A definite must read!

Natalie Roers debut novel is nothing less than amazing and an author I will be keeping my eye on!  o_O

Absolutely loved this story and will forever be stalking the author! Review will also be posted on my Loved These shelf on Goodreads.

Author Bio:

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She also owns her own voice-over business where she creates everything from songs and ringtones to commercials and sound effects for clients around the globe. 

A journalist by trade, Natalie is excited to venture into the world of fiction and hopes to raise money and social awareness for worthy causes with each book she writes. She lives with her husband Cory, and son Austin, in Columbia, South Carolina.

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