Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Summary: Leah needed to escape the confines she felt in La Push. Her wish is granted but then the unexpected happens to her. Will she succumb to the imprint she has found, or will the mock intervention push her farther from her fate?

Leah is just not a character I normally read. She was not portrayed very well in the books or the movies, unless you think a bitter harpy is a good example. Yet, there are so many in the fandom that saw past the outer surface of bitterness. They wanted her to be understood. To be loved. But most importantly, to find happiness.

Nahuel, not really much about him either in Breaking Dawn when Alice brings him back to save the day and the lives of Renesmee and the Cullens. Not really much interaction or characterization was offered on him.

Until now.

Fate's Intervention is just one of those stories that gives you a broken and bitter Leah with a background you can understand and emphasize with. And a Nahuel with a characterization that is so clearly clarified and makes sense, you can actually envision him

Not an easy task if you ask me. How do you write a story when you have hardly any background or characterizations as a base line? Well, Mmsimpy_09 found a way to do just that.

A story of self discovery and looking internally at one's heart. Of acceptance of mutual fate and love.

Really such a good story from start to finish. Complete and robust. Though a one shot you will be completely content with, there is a hint that it could continue in to a multi chapter fic. Always an excellent sign of a really good one shot.

Fate's Intervention will grab you from the start with the intrigue of what is going to happen and Mmsimpy_09 words will hurt your heart, which I always love.


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