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Jeni Acerna’s longstanding sexual relationship with her best friend, Brian Hamilton, is both blissful and troublesome. She’s been unable to commit herself to another relationship because no one compares to Brian in or out of bed. 

Prior to attending a friend’s wedding together, they place a wager…the first to beg for sex owes the other $500. After a tortuous night, their passion erupts and their sexual relationship picks up where it left off…hot and heavy. However, this time, Brian wants Jeni… and not just in his bed. Can he convince her the risk is worth taking?

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Genre:  Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher:  Cobblestone Press, LLC
ISBN:  978-1-60088-800-7
Number of pages:  45
Word Count: 14,000
Cover Artist:  Fiona Jayde

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My Review

Such a great little story! Short little novella, easy reading all in one sitting. Good story line, nice characterizations. Smooth prose. Perfect balance of smexiness vs story.

Now for the good stuff...

Loved Loved Loved the story line. Friends with benefits has always been one of those situations you fantasize about but is definitely the unattainable in the real world, but then again, we don't all live in the real world now do we? I know I don't. In my world, book boyfriends are real and so are amazing relationships! 

But that's what I loved so much about this story. It was the perfect unattainable relationship, that works.

Jen and Brian have been best friends since childhood. They are each others cheering section. They start having sex young, start a relationship, it doesn't work out, but they stay best of friends with benefits and it continues to adulthood. Really good sex that they just can't resist each other when they do get together. A midst relationships and breakups, they always have each other, in all ways. So why aren't they together? Well, that's the one teensy bit of drama the author threw in, but I am sure you can guess what it is. Because it always is.

This was a fun story. Hot. Smexy. The naughty parts were really good too. Just the right amount of passion and naughtiness.

Short smexy little read you will enjoy.

Great story, would definitely recommend it! Stalking is warranted. Highly suggest you do the same.


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Authors Bio

I am a born and raised small town Ohio girl, who moved to the Sunshine State after graduating from college. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in English because I could not imagine doing anything else but reading and writing. It is such a pleasure to be able to share all the stories in my head!

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In the journey of life, I also became a wife and a mother of three children. So, life is always an adventure. But the love of writing has never died.

My favorites:  I love to read and write... obviously! But I also enjoy all sports, especially college football and the Ohio State Buckeyes!  Go Steelers!  Go Rays! I LOVE to travel... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel. And I love sharing my love to travel with my children. I love to drink Teavana teas! I love a good glass of wine, especially if it comes from a bottle made by the FOOLS wine club… yep, I’m a member of that! I love hanging out with my family and my friends!

Big fan of music, but love nothing better than putting on my jean shorts, tank top, cowboy boots and hat and watching Tim McGraw belt it out! I’m a sucker for a cowboy hat!

  “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.”

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  1. Thank you to Fandom Fanatic for hosting me today! I appreciate it! And thank you for the great review. That always makes an author happy. :). Please note...More Than Friends is also available through Amazon for all you Kindle readers!