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As if assisting in burying two bodies wasn't enough! Carmina learns that her life is anything but ordinary, and it is too late to turn back. She is forced to leave everything she has ever known behind and follow a stranger on an unforgettable journey to a world that is just too surreal!  She learns of a life she didn't even know that she had and meets people who would give their lives for her that she doesn't even remember!

As she is thrown into this new life she learns that her destiny is much greater than she had ever thought it to be, as if she could focus on her new life or destiny when she meets a handsome charming blue-eyed distraction who quickly turns her life upside down even more than it already was!

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Genre: Paranormal Romance
Number of pages: 122
Word Count:  49,580
Cover Artist: Zack Eads
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Story Excerpt

I fought the urge to scream. I quickly clamped my icy, cold hand against my frozen lips. The van had been parked with the engine off for at least an hour. We were hoping to conserve the battery for when we got out of here. That was if we ever got out of here. Obviously, without the engine, the heater had been rendered useless. With all the technology these days, you would think they would have come up with a way to fix that. My thoughts were jumbled.  I searched for the most useless information. I was hoping to keep my mind preoccupied. I tried my hardest to keep my eyes off of the strange form, which had leaped in front of my mother’s grey minivan.

I wondered if what I was seeing was even possible. I began searching my mind for rational explanations. I questioned if maybe my contacts were messing with my eyes.  Although as I looked to my parents and the horrified expressions that lay across their time-stricken features. I could tell that there indeed was an abnormally tall man, who was standing about two feet from where my father had slammed on his brakes. He was just standing there, staring at my parents and me.

I wanted to scream and tell my dad to just push his foot down on the damn gas pedal!  If the man had any sense in him, he would jump out of the way. Although, something unsettling in my stomach told me that he wouldn’t let us leave, even if we had tried.  He had a look of   determination spread across his exotic features. He made me wonder if we were going to live through this night. I swallowed the lump of tears that were building. I took in a deep breath. If I was going to die tonight, I wasn't going to die a coward. I would do whatever I could to save my parents.  I knew they would do the same for me. I just hoped that I made them proud.  If we did have to die tonight by the hands of this strange man; I decided that I wouldn't want to die next to anyone else in this world, other than my loving adoring parents who had given me life. 

I looked from my mother’s wrinkled features to my father’s hardened expression. I wanted to hug them both tight. I hoped for the chance to tell them thank you for everything they had done for me. If we didn't die or freeze to death, I knew that I would have a new appreciation for them.

It felt like hours had gone by, when it truly had only been a few minutes.  Suddenly the man started to approach the van.  My father unbuckled his seat belt, which to my surprise he still had on. He reached for the door handle. I jumped with all my might and lunged on his back. I started pulling his hand away from the door, “No dad! I exclaimed. “You can’t go out there!” My father turned to me and with a stern emotionless expression. He told me to “Sit back and to stay” as if I was nothing more than the family pet. I was shocked; my father had never spoken to me that way before. Although I felt hurt, I did as he told me. I sat back against the cold leather seat, which at this point had felt like ice had taken it over.  As I tried to fight back the chattering of my teeth, I looked to my mother and was surprised at how she calmly watched as my father walked towards the man. 
I felt like I was in an episode of the twilight zone. My parents had become people I didn't recognize. Maybe the man had put a spell on them or something? I questioned as I shook my head and chuckled at myself.

What an idiot, leave it to me to take a moment like this and turn in in to a syfy channel special.


Author Bio

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Julie lives in Bloomington, Indiana. She is twenty one years old, and recently has attended Ivy Tech Community College. When she is not listening to music or getting lost in reading, or writing. She is spending time with her family, or cuddled up watching a movie with her fiancé. Julie is an avid book lover, and enjoys reading every day; she reads anything from paranormal romance to biographies.
She loves to go against the grain and to be different. Julie is also an animal lover, and when she is not reading or spending quality time with her family, she is spending time with her cat lily. She is hoping one day to become a full time writer, and is currently working on her next great book!

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