Sunday, February 3, 2013

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I am feeling so nostalgic today.

What Fills the Eye Fills the Heart is one of my favorite fandom stories. I say fandom story because it just represents so much of what the fandom was at one time. I understand things change and grow.

And in many ways the fandom of today is just that, growth.

A good thing.

There are so many wonderful stories being posted, many different genres and story lines. Many writers have even left to publish original works. And that is good thing. But I still love a feel good romantic story with low drama and low angst. A story you just love to re-read when you are in that mushy kind of mood. A story that makes you feel good and leaves you with a smile.

Irishward is that character for me. TwoTwiMoms' creation of the an Irish Edward was just genius. Including his brogue and Gaelic lines. I can just hear his accent in my ear whispering sweetness to me. It is just that descriptive and lush. He is an endearing character and one I still love. 

A definite book boyfriend.

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And what has made me all mushy and nostalgic for Irishward? 

Irishward's Treasures.

This is a collection of the outtakes that have been done and the most recent, Labor of Love was just recently posted. It was an outtake that was done for Fandom Fights Hurricane Sandy. TwoTwiMoms participate in many of the fandom causes. And that is also so very much in keeping with the fandom love.

The first Irishward outtake for a fandom cause was What Fills The Eye Fills My Heart, donated for Fandom For Tsunami back in June 2011. It is Edward's POV upon meeting Bella for the first time when she comes into his pub and takes out a laptop.

The next outtake, and my personal favorite, An Anniversary Never to Forget, written for the FGB Breaking Dawn Pt 1 auction. My favorite because it was a sneak peak at the future while the story was still being written and also written for me. *hugsself* I bid on these ladies during their participation and the futuretake was my prize. A prize that has since been shared. Though I am not thrilled about sharing Irishward, it was for a good cause.

There are five outtakes in Irishward's Treasures, all great and all written to Irishward perfection.

What Fills the Eye Fills the Heart is just one of those stories you want to continue forever. Such a feel good story and most definitely one of the sexiest Edward's written.

My original rec was posted December 2011, and this was a statement I made then and it is still true to this day with each and every outtake posted...

This is one of those stories that you just want to curl up with. It is well written, vivid in description, and the verbiage is just lush. You are completely carried away in to the writer's world. 

And for some ongoing nostalgia, I interviewed the writing team of TwoTwiMoms, Twimom817 and Kare831 back in December of 2011 as well. I have since dug up and dusted off that interview and will be reposting it tomorrow just for fun and more so because I just miss Irishward.

So make sure you check out the outtakes, they will give you the warm fuzzies and that's what Sunday rec's are for...warm, easy reading, fuzzy fandom stories. Oh so Irishward!

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