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I love the fandom blogs and sites. The love and dedication the site owners have to make us all aware of the great stories, graphics, and happenings is exactly what makes this fandom go around. But I love even more when a site is dedicated to a specific love. The Majors Army is just one of those sites centering on the love of Jasper.

Recently some new life and love has been fanned in to the major with new admins, staff, and features for us all to enjoy. Whether you are a Jasper fan or not, you will still love what they ladies have done.

I recently spoke with the new owner, Frankielynn and  co-admin, Emma lee Rose, both well known writers in the fandom to see how their love of Jasper led them to bringing the major back to us all...

Tell us about your site 

We are a Jasper centric fanfiction rec site, also featuring Maria, Peter and Charlotte. As well as Banners, Fandom news and contests.

Why did you decide to take the site over? 

Frankielynn: I hate to see good sites go. At the time I took it over the last post it had, had been over a year ago. I had done a review post for them in the past and knew who ran it. I sent her an email asking her if she would let me take it over. A few emails later and The Majors Army was mine.

What would you like your blog to accomplish? 

Emma Lee Rose: We want to give people a place to go where they can get all the information. Where they can find recommendations to all the best stories, find the best banner makers, and learn what is happening throughout the fandom.

Frankielynn: Pretty much everything Em said. It's also fandom ran. We have forms on the blog for authors, readers, banner makers, other blog sites.

How do you decide which fics or authors to rec? 

Frankielynn, EmmaLee Rose: We have a new suggestion form for authors and fans to send stories they want reviewed on the site our way, but since that is new, each individual segment writer picks the stories they will be recommending.

EmmaLee Rose: So far I have been choosing my favorite one-shots.

Do you have any plans for the future of your site that you would like to share? 

Frankie, Em: We just want the site to make it past our one year mark. As one of the last Jasper rec sites around, it's getting harder to make it work, but we want to give it our best shot. That's really all you can ask for.

Favorite thing about the fandom?

Emma Lee Rose: My favorite thing about the fandom is the friendships that I have made.

Frankielynn: For me, it's not only the friendships I've made, but how we all can come together. The fandom causes that get started for things like Hurricane Sandy or a sick member in the fandom.

Worst thing about the fandom? 

Frankie, Em: All the drama!

How did you find the fandom?

Emma Lee Rose: The first fic I ever found was Emancipation Proclamation, from there my obsession grew. I found my love of non-canon pairings and of course, Jasper. I didn't start writing until I was pregnant with my first daughter.

Frankielynn: I actually got turned on to Fanfiction and the fandom by a former co-worker of mine, shortly after that I wrote my first Fan Fic to pass the time being a stay at home mommy to my son. That was almost three or so years ago now. I've never looked back.

What do you think is the most important component to a rec site in the twific fandom? 

Frankielynn: That the fandom works together. The Major's Army is in a bit of a rough patch, but if we all stick together, we can make it work. The Twi fandom, as well as any fandom needs it's members to make it work.

Who are you founding members and current staff? 

Frankielynn: Besides the Major, I'm the new founder of the Majors Army as well as Emma Lee Rose and our newest member Charli Denae, who are both co-admins of the site with me. Em and Charli also have two post segments on the blog. Charli does our Canon Crew and Fandom Happenings, and Emma Lee is our One-Shot and Banner master. We are always looking for new and more staff as we always have someone coming or going on the blog. We are also going to be making a current staff list on the blog, so keep an eye out for that.

And a fun one, if stranded on a deserted island and you could have only 1 book boyfriend, who would it be?? 

Frankielynn: Gosh, I haven't read that many books I like the guys enough to want as a boyfriend. Though since we are a Jasper site, I'll say Jasper and leave it at that. *smiles*

Emma Lee Rose: Frankie hasn't read enough and I've read too many! LOL This is way too hard of question. My current book boyfriend is Gideon Cross from the Crossfire books by Sylvia Day. He's pretty damn hot. Ha! But I think my favorite book boyfriend will always be Shawn Gallagher from Nora Roberts' book Tears of the Moon. His somewhat womanizing ways, amazing singing and cooking skills, and his damn-sexy Irish accent make him unforgettable.

Thanks so much ladies for chatting with us. The Majors Army looks fantastic and we love that you are spreading the love of Jasper, so many have been missing him!

Make sure you check out the site and follow the major, he wants our love!

The Majors Army

The Majors Army | @Majors_Army

The Majors Army

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