Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beth Revis, author of Across The Universe, has an amazing giveaway going on. She is giving away 50 signed books that she has collected from events she has done plus a few extra she has nabbed. That is a super giveaway in my opinion! 

And how can you enter this great giveaway just in time for the holidays???

Below is Beth's post telling us all about it and how to enter...

I love books. Like, I really love books. And I kind of have a habit of collecting signed books. I like to support YA authors, and I love to support bookstores, so whenever possible, I buy signed books from indie bookstores.

Now, you might remember that at the beginning of the year, I made a resolution to not do any events alone. (Proof of my resolution!) Events are just so much more fun with other authors! So, starting with my very first events in January this year, all the way through the end of September of this year, I've collected signed books of every author I did an event with (plus a few extras that I nabbed at the indie bookstores I visited along the way).

And I'm giving them all away to one lucky winner.

That's write! One lucky winner is going to win an entire library of SIGNED YA BOOKS. That's right:

Every single book in the giveaway is SIGNED.

And when I say library, I mean library--there are nearly FIFTY books up for grabs here!

SO! How do you win this plethora of SIGNED YA books?! A prize pack this big would completely alter the size of someone's library and collection of signed books! And I want to give people several chances to win. (And I am terribly sorry, but this giveaway is open only to American addresses. It's already going to be rather expensive to ship fifty books within America. You are, of course, welcome to enter and donate the books to an American library or school, or to coordinate with a friend in America to receive the shipment--as long as I only ship to one American address.)

There are several ways to enter: you can tweet about it, Facebook, etc., but I figured that with a bigger prize, people who do extra deserve extra entries.

The simplest way to earn extra entries is to share the graphic I designed for the contest (and also please share the link to this page, too). To make it easy for you to share this, I've included the html for the graphic here, already linked up :) You can also just save the graphic from this post, if that's easier for you. You get extra entries for putting it in the sidebar of your website, but you can also share it on any social media as well.

Make sure you fill out the Rafflecopter on Beth's site to enter!!

Good Luck!!

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