Saturday, October 6, 2012

Congratulations to the winner of the More ebook by TM Franklin, mslizabeth

You can read the scores, comments and the entry on the Iron Pen Challenge announcement page

This was my first ever exposure to the challenge as a judge and what an amazing experience. To watch these talented women write a story in 60 minutes with no prepping and not knowing what they were going to write about was heart stopping to me personally. 

Judging this challenge was very difficult. All the stories written were very different in their incorporation of the secret ingredient as well as their story lines. The fact that they could even write an actual story in 60 minutes was just astounding to me. 

I was thrilled with every story I read and wanted everyone to win!

I also wanted to congratulate Deslyncullen, GeezerWench, itlnbrt, and MarilagML. They wrote some great stories as well!

And a big thanks to LuLu_M for inviting me to judge. it was a fantastic experience.

You can find all the entries on the entry page and be sure to check out the next upcoming challenge where Iron Pen Challenge has teamed up with Fandom4Preemies.

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much for judging! I'm glad you had a good experience :)

  2. Great experience and so hard to do at the same time! Loved it!