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Summary: This story began as a Twitter challenge, @Vampiric Lust challenged @MiamiTrue to write a vampire story on our TL's. Each one takes a turn with no restrictions or limitations. The best part is we have no preconceived story line, we just write as we go.

I am back again with another amazing twitterese story by Miami True and her TL writing partner, Vampiric Lust. I have been watching these two on my TL weave this amazing story. Again, I am completely amazed how this is done with such clarity that it is truly a story with complete characterizations and amazing prose. 

Adding to the dimension is Vampiric Lust who I have recently started following. He brings a dark, sultry, and erotic feel to my TL with his story tweets. 

I am loving that they have decided to post the story so that you can read as a WIP. I have read all 22 chapters to date in one sitting and am chomping at the bit for more. It is an original story with original characters. A world of the mythical and supernatural. Power, strength, trepidation, want and lust all wrapped up in to a story line that has completely taken over my brain. 

It is a world I want to know more of. I need to know more of the ancients. 
The driving passions of the characters completely lure you in. 

It is a passion that envelops and surrounds you with a disarming quality that you don't even realize until you are completely emerged in it. 

The main characters,  Daemian PenDragon and Kiani are two very powerful and passionate vampires. 

Each with their own agenda. Two completely different agendas, revenge and lust. When these two finally come together it will be a volcano of epic proportions. But with they survive it? 

I am dying to find out!

Aside from the story line that I am over the top with, their writing is so passionate. Keep in mind they are writing in twitterese, yet you bubble at the emotions coming off the pages.

This is a story that has me super excited for more.

You need to check this out. I assure you, you will love it and be as hooked as I am.

Story Link 
MiamiTrueDaemian PenDragon

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