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Summary: Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply. Those who want to deny the world must have once embraced what they have now set on fire. Leah finally snaps - H. Shalott 

I came across this rec on my sister site ♥ SheWolfAwards and was completely amazed by the story. The banner completely reeled me in. Once I was able to stop looking at it, I started to read the rec and what a great rec it is. I immediately started reading the story and am loving it! Lot's of drama with that underlying feel of angst that I love. A definite must read!

Here's PMU's rec that led me to this wonderful story...

This is a great story that dives into the mental status of our Leah Clearwater, making us see things through her eyes. Maybe even understand why she is as she is for those who hate her? 

Hope Shalott doesn't hold back either, pulling punches on everyone who crossed our she wolf or wrote her off instead of just looking at things through her eyes. 

It starts off with Leah in her present status, giving you a glimpse of her darker side before she revisit and tells her story on she got there. The first chapter alone is powerful and moving, drawing you into something you know you can't help but become addicted too. 

As you revisit her time in La Push before her depature you slowly see how things change her, how people around her influences these changes within her. They truly do have a hand in making her what she is now in the present time of the story. 

However don't write this off as another bitter Leah story where she runs off and Jacob Black comes in to save the day by bringing her home because he simple doesn't. The plot is a lot thicker than that, complex like our girl Leah. 

As time passes by he struggles with his own internal emotions and finally sees things through her eyes but its to late because she is gone. You can feel his bubbling disdain for Sam and Emily along with a few others for what they did to her. So he puts himself into a hell he never knew when he does go on searching for her, hoping she is alive and he will find her.

Of course the tables turn and she finds him but it isn't a house call - its for a whole another reason and she didn't come alone. She stands along side her natural enemy to preform one task. 

Choices will be made on both their sides that will certainly change their fate.  

He deflates and leaves but not before hissing "Bitch."
Well, he gets some points for that one. She is a bitch, a literal bitch with the ability to tear into him until her fur runs slick with his blood. She is a genetic freak. All fury and scorn in a predator's body. Has there ever been anything more dangerous than her?Sometimes she feels like her anger alone could level the world.
The Creator responsible for her twisted mutation is a cruel and unmerciful one. She can't even take comfort in getting mind numbingly drunk anymore. Booze tastes like metal on her tongue. What a trade off.
She has no fate, no destiny. She is a force of nature and she is never allowed to forget it. They will not forget it either. She will not let them because she is charred and black, blazing from the inside out so no one can see the fire.
They wont.
Not until they're burning in it. - chapter one 

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