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A Good Liar

Summary: The first time the Grim Reaper visited Edward, it was in the form of the Spanish influenza. The second time, death had the lovely face of Bella Swan.

The assumption of Raum’s story is preposterous, and fascinating. In the dark months of New Moon, when it is like Edward “never existed,” one thing makes Bella suffer above everything else.

People around her, in particular those who love her, like Charlie and her friends, blame her missing boyfriend for her misery. So a supreme act of love is conceived: if she tells everybody that Edward is dead, nobody will blame him and her sorrow will be much more easy to understand.

The lie is believed by everyone, Quileutes apart. They know that vampires don’t die easily.

But Edward is not dead, ofcourse, and, as the cliff jump does not happen, he eventually comes back to Bella, as in Canon we are told he was preparing to do, unable to resist anymore his mate's siren call. But now he finds himself in a totally unpredictable situation. 

Will he accept what she has done and stay “dead”, or will he try to reconnect with her? 

Originally conceived as a one-shot for the Canon Tour, the O/s left the ending open. Raum, fortunately for us, decided to continue it, weaving her story with great charm around the many pitfalls the new circumstances present. Edward and Bella, somehow chastened by the pain they both experienced, have grown and, if they do end up together, it will be as a mature couple, at last.

Do read A Good Liar, you won’t be sorry.

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Many thanks to Camilla10 for bringing this amazing story to our attention. I love the Canon Tour stories and missed this one. And while New Moon is the least favorite story line of mine, I am always thrilled to find a good one. Because when they are good, they are amazing.

I have added A Good Liar to my TBR listing and am looking forward to the spin RaumTweet puts on New Moon.

You can also find Camilla10 FF Profile @camillau1 for her stories and to follow on twitter.

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