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Summary: AH, J/B established, future E/B. Edward is every woman's dream, and Bella's one free pass from her fiance, Jake, but when she is locked in a room with him at the swankiest club in town, what could possibly possess her to turn him down? And why does she dream of his sad, haunted eyes?

A fun new story with an underlying drama and twist from a new writer in the fandom. No Questions Asked is clearly the epitome of the fandom and I am enjoying every word. 

Darcystwilight is giving us a story we all know so well. 

Some more so than others.

Who hasn't dreamed and fantasized about a favorite movie star? Have a special folder for all the pics you love to look at. Followed their tweets. Seen every movie they have made. Stood in line for hours for even just a glimpse. Plastered posters on our walls, cell phones, and desktops.

This is the fandom after all and you know you have and still do. 

It's the stuff fantasies are made of. Our daydreams of that fantasy. Our own preconceived notions and opinions based on what is projected to us in the movies and interviews.

But what happens when that bubble is shattered? When you are actually exposed to the real person and the fantasy person doesn't exist and never has existed except in your own mind and heart?

You get a promising new story that will tug at your psyche.

Darcystwilight has written a story, though only 5 chapters in, giving us just that.

We have Bella, Jacob, and Edward, all with very interesting histories. And all very canon in spirit.

Bella and Jacob have been together since youth, engaged and living together. A life built together. Both have careers that they are enjoying, though Jacob more so than Bella. Bella wants what the heart wants, to be loved and valued as she does. You can see from the start that things are a miss between them. Not that they don't love each other, but more so a growing apart. There is an underlying trepidation in their relationship and really quite believable. It happens.

Then we have Edward. Big gorgeous movie star. And the focus of Bella's fantasies and dreams, in her mind of course. 

The unattainable dream. Or is it?

There is a chance meeting of the two set up by Jacob and what Bella always thought and believed of Edward is soon shattered. He is not who she thought he was and is left hurt and confused.

How true is that in the real world? Preconceived opinions will get you every time.

No Questions Asked has much promise. Giving us a very realistic story line encapsulating our dreams and fantasies and what happens when the fantasy is shattered. 

The story is quite believable. A definite flow from chapter to chapter as well as an understanding of all the character's feelings with a nod of your own head and whispered words, *I definitely get that*.

Definitely a story worth your time in checking out.

Now, Darcystwilight is very new to the fandom and this is her first story. And me being as nosy as I am, I like to know things. I always love knowing what brings someone to the fandom and where do their plot bunnies come from.

So I asked and she graciously responded....

What is it about the Twilight fandom that brought you here and gave you the boost to write?

Hmmm....Well, I have been a die hard Twilight fan ever since the books came out, and I have been reading fanfiction on and off for a few years. Most of it was canon type stuff, simply filling the void the end of the series had left. In no way would I say I was a FF addict. In fact, I still feel like a complete oddball and out of my element. A couple months ago I was scouring some message boards on Amazon, looking for good book recommendations, and fell into a broad dedicated to fanfiction. I was a quiet bystander, letting all the posts fill me in on all this fandom had to offer. That's when I really discovered there were books based on these characters that were utterly fantastic and original.

What was the inspiration for the story line?

The inspiration for the story comes from a couple different places. About a year ago, a friend of mine approached me and asked if I wanted to write a novel with her (non-Twilight related). I had never written creatively in my life. I honestly don't even remember taking a creative writing course in high school. We eagerly brainstormed an outline to the book, and then literally did nothing. We both have small children, and busy lives, so I figured that was that.  

Well, then as I said before, I discovered FF, and I left inspired. One day I just started writing, at first sticking to our original outline, and then merging it with the Twilight world I knew so well. My friend still helps a lot if I get stuck or I need a push here and there. I call her my creative contributor. Also, the Bella character is very similar to me in terms of personality. I have always been a huge pop-culture junkie.When I like a celebrity, I LOVE that celebrity. So, a lot of the things she does and says are things I think I might say if in the same situation.

Darcystwilight is a girl after my own heart. I love my stories and characters! I completely get where she is coming from and I know many of you will as well! This is the fandom.

Come check out this new writer, say hi on twitter and check out her story. It will definitely put a smile on your face.

Where you can Find Darcystwilight

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Much kudos to forthelongestday as well for a banner that has hit it right out of the park with her interpretation of the story. I love graphics and when an artist visually brings a story to life, it makes me even more excited for the story.

Story Banner by forthelongestday
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