Sunday, August 5, 2012

I read reviews. A review can have the ability to sway your judgement if written well. They are very important and we all know how the writers and authors feel about them.

A review will tell you what others think about the story. You might be on the fence with something. Maybe even a lot of hype surrounding a story. Even rec's being tweeted that catch your eye. Your interest is piqued.

But how do you truly know you will like the story? Well you don't. 

Reading is a joy, it opens up new worlds, but it is also time consuming. Reading is a commitment, you become invested in the story. Not everyone has the time to check out a new story 30 to 40 chapters in. And I am pretty certain you aren't just going to buy a book without looking in to it first.

This is why reviews are fundamentally important and if you are going to review, then actually review the story. There are people out there like me who actually read reviews and base some decisions upon them.

So when a review isn't exactly a review, what do you do?

If you are me, you write about them.

As a reminder, a reviews primary purpose is to encapsulate the story and offer an opinion. An opinion while also giving you an idea of the story in itself. A review should never be about the writer let alone what you think about them.

On FFnet that is not the case. Sad but true.

I find it very difficult to go by the reviews on FF. They really aren't reviews. They're comments and sometimes not even a comment. Especially when you come across a story with 10K plus reviews that consist of...

Please update. That was hot. Loved it. Want more. Great chapter. Amazing. OK, I get it now. I'm ready. :) Girl is crazy!

What is that? How am I suppose to gauge a story when I see that kind of shenanigans? It's a pet peeve of mine.

How can a story possibly achieve those review counts when they are only comments posted as a review? That tells me nothing and while I am sure the writer will appreciate the review count, it still tells you nothing. How does a writer even reply to that? Maybe that's a reason why writers with large review counts rarely reply to comments? Makes you wonder.

Now granted, most people do not know how to review so they comment. Which is fine and also let's the writer know people are reading their stories. But it doesn't help a reader trying to make the decision to get involved with the story or not. It doesn't truly represent that the story is good either. It only tells you the writer and/or story has a large following. A new story I spotted recently with only 4 chapter posted has 1K plus reviews. Really? New writers seeing things like that are discouraged and struggle to get their stories viewed. I just scratch my head. It is a fickle fandom.

Reviewing every chapter is extremely challenging.

Yes I do understand and emphasize that the writers will look for them as acknowledgement that their story is being read, enjoyed, and appreciated. But it most certainly is not an actual review let alone a barometer. That would be like reading a book and offering an opinion on every chapter. You aren't going to buy a book based on comments. I post and read many reviews on Goodreads all the time. The actual review is not posted until the reviewer has completed the story.

I do the same for FF stories. When the story is completed is when I review. Or if I am really liking the story, I will on some of the chapters that affected me leave a comment. But it is not an actual review, it is a comment letting the writer know I am following their story. Or in the case of a new writer in the fandom, offering support and encouragement. This is the fandom after all. That's what we do, support each other.

FFnet needs a "like" or "kudos" button. It would definitely help the readers that read reviews while fic diving. While also actually letting the writers know how their stories are being received without giving a false sense of acceptance or not. There is nothing worse than posting something you have worked on and then having it ignored.

Which now brings me to the complete opposite side of the spectrum...the flaming reviews.

I use the word "review" very loosely because they are at best, personal attacks. Not on the story, but the writer. Don't you just love the mean girls in the fandom, they certainly are a creative bunch.

What would possibly possess someone to attack a writer personally? You obviously did not like the story so why not just flounce it or better yet, write what you didn't like? There is a way to write a bad review without being hurtful, without attacking the writer on a personal level.

Wouldn't your feelings be hurt if someone sent you a PM telling you how stupid you were? Just saying.

And some of the gems I've come across...

Accusing a writer of being a bad mother. How they come up with that one is beyond me. Or attacking their writing ability telling them they need to revisit elementary grammar class. How about the writer who uses their own medical history as a background for a character and is accused of not knowing what they are talking about, chastising their ignorance and then told to google the condition?

Real nice right.

Or my favorite, the unrealistic story line accusation. Most of the stories I read are of the supernatural genre. Last time I checked vampires, shape shifters, zombies, and witches were not real. Accusing the writer of their characters not being "real" or "believable" or their story not making sense doesn't make sense to me.

Shenanigans is what I say to that.

Attacking anyone on a personal level is bullying, hurtful, and the proverbial cheap shot. It really is disgusting to come across those. I can only imagine the type of person who does this is lacking in their own self worth and projecting their own sadness on others. And what's worse, it is done anonymously. Cowards, just like the schoolyard bully. Hit and run because the writer can not even reply back to the flamer directly but wind up replying on twitter and in the authors notes. I don't like that at all because we are all subjected to the reply but I don't blame the writer because it is their only outlet.

Now how about the what the blazes what that review?!?

Let me explain. These are the reviews where the reviewer actually cuts and paste the entire chapter and comments on each and every paragraph. That's a what the blazes is that review?? Or when the reviewer comments inappropriately. You know this reviewer, they are reading an angst or drama story and they are commenting with the "LOL" at certain lines. Again, what the blazes is that? Did you actually read the chapter or just skimmed and spotted certain lines that amused you? I really don't know what to think and often wonder what the writer thinks when they see that as well.

And for my all time personal favorite...the infamous *smiley* face.

I just love those. They really give me a tremendous insight on whether I will like a story or not.

And yes, I understand many writers are OK with them as they are a comment, an acknowledgement, but they are not helpful to readers when fic diving or when you are trying to figure out why a story has a bucket load of reviews that consist of these lucky little charms.

Reviews are feedback for the writer. They can be a useful support mechanism when used correctly. Lazy comments do nothing but give a review count and promote a bandwagon.

Keep in mind I don't read every story posted in the fandom. This is just what I see on the stories I follow or comments relayed to me by others. I am sure their are real reviews out there, I just don't come across them very often.

So basically if your going to post a review then actually review the story or at least try to comment appropriately to what you are reading. They are important and people are reading them, not just the writers.

Having to read how much you love nutella has nothing to do with the story. Most writers have blogs, you post those things there if you want to interact personally with the writer.

If you feel the unbridled need to flame the writer personally, might I suggest you leave the fandom all together.

It's not wanted nor appreciated. And you obviously have no love of the fandom let alone understand it.

The fandom can generate it's own drama without idiotic flamers running amok thank you very much.

And though what most people read is on FF, that doesn't mean the stories are of any less value and don't deserve to be reviewed properly. Keep in mind while we are all waiting patiently for updates, the writers are plugging away in their spare time writing them for us.

Make the effort. The writers are making the effort in writing their stories. They deserve better.

A writer I know even suggested that PTB give classes on how to review. That would be fun. I would sign up.

Which reminds me, let's all give FFnet a round of applause for allowing the guest reviews.

Big thumbs up to whoever that knucklehead was.

Fun Fact:


All hale Michiko Kakutani! Don't know her? Hmm...well if you are fan of Cosmopolis you must like the story telling of Don DeLillo. Read her review on Underworld, she's why I bought and read the book. And loved it.

When I grow up, I want to write reviews like that.

Until then...I am just rambling on...

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  1. I 100% agree with you about this. I can never decide, as a writer, whether to just be happy I'm getting something, or irritated that people care that little.

    And I think what upsets me even more is that almost 100% of people that read this, will agree with you - and then do nothing to change their behavior. It's a horrible cycle that everyone seems to agree is wrong and yet perpetuates itself on a daily basis. I always try and make a comment about SOMETHING in a chapter - "I love that your character did this" or "I can't believe she did that!" - at least it sounds like I read it and made an effort to acknowledge it!

    A member on Jacob Black N Pack wrote up a discussion on why people don't review, and people shared some really interesting insights. Some said it was ignorance of what was "polite" but others said they were frightened to do it.

    Either way, it's frustrating and makes me (and anyone else) wonder why I bother.

  2. Thanks so much for commenting. I love knowing what the writers think especially knowing if I am cringing at a comment, the writer of the story must be sitting there staring at their computer glassy eyed.

    Aside from the ridiculous flamers, why peeps don't comment is beyond me. You don't have to leave a book, just a line or two that you are reading the story and what you like. Feedback is very necessary and to have none is disheartening.

    I have read a great many stories with no reviews at all and am always wondering why when I see drabbles, another pet peeve of mine, with 1000's.

    Totally get the frustration of the writers and can only hope they don't leave because of it.