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"Invasions, mind melding and confiscating tinfoil hats"

Ask a question, get an answer. Sometimes the answers lead to more questions. And the best answers are when the answers are better than the questions.

True words when it comes to Random*Fandom. One of the funniest and most informative interviews I've done. I laughed quite a few times while going over their responses and formatting the post. I kept coming up with a line snuck in here and there that just had me cracking up.

Random*Fandom is a site chock full of all kinds of fun including reviews, contests, author directory, and a forum.

They also cover a multitude of fandoms which is fun for those who like to move around the different fandoms in our fun filled universe.

They also have something for both readers and writers a like to enjoy.

So let's see what they have to say and how they came about...

Tell us about your site

Random*Fandom is a multi-fandom resource for readers and writers of fanfiction.

Our aim is to create a sense of community between fandoms as well as between writers and readers and have fun at the same time. 

We've got games and a monthly drabble challenge and more ways for fans of any TVshow/book/movie/comic book to get involved than you can shake a stick at! 

Also *shifty eyes* there's some secret compartments in our forum.

No really, there are *lol*.

There are a couple of sections that are members only so passing surfers can't see who's asking for advice on a story or who's ranting about their Mother-In-Law.

How did you come up with the name of your site?

Because we're not connected to any one fandom, everything is a little Random.

Why did you decide to create the site?

I was part of a Southern Vampire Mysteries community and noticed that things were slowing down, people I enjoyed talking to were leaving to move on to other fandoms and I thought about how great it would be to have a place where we didn't need to move from community to community or forum to forum just because we decided to read/write fanfic for a different book or show.

After some research I noticed a lack of multi-fandom communities that were based around fanfiction - so I decided to make my own. Luckily, I had some great girls to support me.

What do you like your site to accomplish?

We encourage everyone to share at RF, whether it's through submitting a review for a favourite fic or pimping their favourite author or fandom in our forum, or sharing their writing hints, tips and habits. So I guess what we want to accomplish is discovery. Discovery of new stories, new writers, new ways to write and new fandoms.

We also want to use the site to eventually conquer the planet - but that's at the tail end of our 30 year plan.

How do you decide what to post?

We only really post news and site updates on the main site, but our Review Blog is completely participant dependent. If no-one sends us a review, we don't have anything to post. The forum is a bit of a free-for-all *lol* if you want to talk about something - just start a new topic! RF isn't really about 'us' deciding what to post - it about the readers and writers who get involved telling us what they want to read and want to talk about. 

We're just the minions in the grand scheme of things, there to be used *lol*. You want to pimp your favourite fic? You got it - send us a review. You want to make sure everyone knows where to find your blog? You got it - send your details to our author directory.

Do you have any plans for the future of your site that you would like to share?

RF is a 'young' site and community - we've only been going since February 2012. So we're still establishing the basics of our site around the many, many fandoms we'd love to have represented. We'd like to be able to help and advise more fanfiction writers who are making the leap into writing original works. At the moment we're making more strides into that with a Writer's Circle.

But there's a secret handshake to learn and you have to pledge alliegance to our God - William Shatner - to get in. It's very exclusive, so exclusive that you can find out all about it in the secret, members only parts of the forum.

Favorite thing about the twific fandom?

The Twific fandom is huge and a daunting prospect for someone who isn't part of it. All of the founding members of RF were based in the SVM fandom but all of the interactions we've had with Twifans have been very positive and we're looking forward to them finding their voices on our forum and review blog.

How did you and the fandom find each other?

I think this question is aimed at Twifans but I'll answer it for my own fandom. I watched S1 of TrueBlood and loved it so much I couldn't wait to find out what happened in S2 - so I devoured all 9 SVM books in a week and then discovered fanfiction. 

My addiction was in full swing by September 2009 and I turned to writing. I've never looked back. I know that Jaxg found the Twi fandom through an SVM author. Missus T originally wrote SVM fanfic and eventually moved into writing Twi fanfic. Jax enjoyed her writing and followed her into the Twi Fandom, where I know she's found some stories she's really loved, including Missus T's. She's even reviewed one for our Review Blog.

What do you think is the most important component to a rec site in the fandom?

Know your customers. How can you make things easy for your readers - the more discerning reader who picks up on grammar, spelling and plot AND the lemon hound who picks stories based on how frequently the characters have sex? This is why our review blog has several different categories, including High!Angst, Lotso'lemons and romance-a-rama as well as giving marks out of ten for all areas of technical writing. The rec site has to make it easy for all of the different types of reader who might visit - that's the most important thing IMO.

How did you decide on the site design?

Our site design is constantly changing as we try and find a look we're comfortable with that gives us the ability to get all of the information out there. We recently changed the main site from html to a blog format because it was just easier to organise things and also gave other people access to maintaining it. 

When the job of keeping the site updated falls on one person it's great until they go on vacation or maybe get laid up with a virus or something - we're a team and we support each other and have each others backs for a number of eventualities.

What you think is the key to a successful site?

Universal appeal - when you only aim for a certain section of a fandom, your success is determined by those people holding that one interest. But when you widen the number of fandoms and the different types of people involved with them you ensure longevity and in turn, success. And brain washing, that's very important.

How do you grow your readership?

Invasions, mind melding and confiscating tinfoil hats. Apart from that we pimp and pimp and pimp and tweet and pimp some more

Who are you founding members, current staff, contributors. Or are you a Road Warrior running things on your own?

The Founding members are me - Jan of Arc, Jaxg - She keeps me in check and prevents me from inadvertantly offending people as well as making sure the forum is an interesting place to visit. Jax is also my Twitter Life-Partner (TLP) and BlakesBoogie - She's my Secret Santa Partner in Crime and I doubt RF would have happened without her.

We have a Ship's Engineer - Reefchic7, she's working on graphics for us and built the blog that the main site now resides in.

And last, but not least, is our RF Forum Moderator - Writersblock, he's a gem of a guy. He has to be to put up with all the women on the forum.

And lastly, if stranded on a deserted island, what one book boyfriend from any story would you have with you?

Ooh, that's a tough one. Fred and George Weasley - love me some ginger and two for the price of one! Phwoar!


I joined the forum. Need to know if I got the secret handshake correct. I think so, maybe?

What did you think? How fun was it getting to know Random*Fandom?? Just try and tell be you weren't at least laughing a few times. This is a very funny staff with a great sense of humor. But more importantly, this is a site and forum you definitely want to follow. 

This is why I love interviewing my affiliates. You just never know what kind of answers you will get. 

Random Fandom

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