Sunday, July 29, 2012

With all the messiness of things that have been happening in RL and how it seems to be affecting the fandom on a whole, we need to take a step back and remember what the fandom is and why we are here in the first place.

Why are you here? It's a simple question. Do you know? I would think you do.

Here's my reason. My love of the stories I read and the characters they give us.

I read a great many stories and series. All predominately supernatural. I just love the creativity and the characters they inspire. Some of the characters I obviously love more than others. But they are all a book boyfriend in one way or another.

And that's what these characters are, book boyfriends.

And many have been brought to life by the wonderful actors that portray them, giving us a sense of the visual and eye candy.

That is fandom not real life. These actors have brought us the characters we love in the flesh. It is not the actors themselves, but the characters we fawn over. At least the majority of us anyway.

Now granted, there is a contingency in the fandom that have never actually read the stories but have seen the movies only, hence their love of the actor themselves. And that's OK too as long as you do not blur the lines.

But blurring is what has been happening.

I am not understanding it either. When did that line of the fandom cross in to the RL of the actors? When did that become front and center and so important?

Why have people left the fandom, shut down their twitters, and closed blogs? Over the RL of the actors that portray the characters we love? I am sorry, but that is utterly ridiculous and maybe it was time for you to leave anyway.

You obviously lost sight of why you were part of the fandom in the first place.

And to subject the rest of us to your continuous rants is not very fandom like. The fandom is a family and family does not do things like that to each other.

Now, I am empathetic to people's feelings in general. I have even been empathetic this past week and still continue to an extent. But enough is enough. Many are getting annoyed at what they are seeing in their TL's and unfollowing people and blocking them. Myself included.

The fandom is my escape. It is where I come to relax and enjoy my fantasy world. I do not need to have RL trauma thrown upon me. Especially the RL of people I don't know and will never know. I get enough of that in my own RL.

I understand many feel these things personally and want things to be OK. Again, I am OK with that, just don't overwhelm those that have had enough and would like to just enjoy the fandom for the fun and smiles it brings us. It's not a lot to ask for if you are really a part of the fandom, the family.

Don't get me wrong. I love looking at pics of RP as much as anyone else. But I am not looking at RP, the man, I am looking at Rawdy Crawley, Cedric Diggory, Edward Cullen, Tyler Hawkins, Georges Duroy, Eric Packer, and Eric Maddox. He is a wonderful actor that has the ability to bring these characters to life. Let's not confuse the man with the characters.

So with that being said...

Let's declare Sunday's Official Pic Spam Day! Personally, I prefer Originalward, but it can be whoever you love.

So no matter what happens during the week, no matter how upset you are, not matter what you are ranting about, no matter what you think is not fair, we can all come back to our love of the fandom. 

And that's how we got here in the first place now isn't it...our love of the character from the stories we love?

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  1. Love it! I completely agree. What's happened is with the RL actors, the people who portray the characters we love. It is none of our business and should not effect our love of the characters and/or series. This should not effect our day to day lives. They are not really Bella & Edward. Things happen. Relationships end. Its sad, but true. I was away from twitter for the weekend, mostly because I was busy with RL, but I didn't see or hear anything about RP & KS while away. It was nice, but I also don't watch live TV at home. Lol

  2. Well said! While I was bummed to hear the annoucements last week, it in no way will cause me to leave this fandom. As you said, this is my escape and I can not be without it because of what is happening with people I have never met. I wish them peace and happy lives whether it is with or without each other, but I remain loyal to these stories and my love for them.

  3. Absolutely agree with you 100%.... People have lost sight and fallen in love with R/K forgetting the vampire and fragile human girl that they first fell in love with. It's time to remember Fandom is Fandom and what goes on behind their closed doors in real life is none of our business... I am not an E/B fan nor Bella / Kristen more in particular.... So for me it didn't affect me and my Fandom love at all. However I do admire Rob and love his character Edward and many more he has played outside of Twilight so I feel Sorry for him dealing with this so publicly but not because it has happened because heart break is part of life and we have all been then. It sucks it hurts but we move on and get stronger. I wish him the best of luck in life and commend him for being the gentleman he always is about this all by keeping things private like they should be. Kristen I have never been a fan of but I'm glad she is keeping private about it as well. Her actions may have not been tasteful or tactful but she is young and foolish just like most early 20 something year olds are...