Saturday, July 7, 2012

If anyone knows why this man and this woman should not be joined in holy matrimonylet them speak now, or forever hold their peace... forever hold your peace... for fuckingever...

Even an Edward lover can enjoy a wolf fic when written well regardless of the pairing.

Then again, a good story is a good story I always say and you shouldn't be afraid to give something different a try. 

Forever Hold Your Piece is just that kind of story.

The story starts out with Bella on her wedding day. And typical of the Bella-ism we always find, she is chewing her lip, nervous, and torn with who she wants to be with. We all know the story, Bella loving both Edward and Jacob.

Personally, I never went in for the triangle and can always appreciate a writer who can realistically untangle the web Twilight created for us.

Jake's Girl gives us the flip side of BD, of what could have happened if Jacob did follow through and reached for what he really wanted...Bella.

And though only three chapters long, the story is packed full of emotion starting with shock, confusion, hurt, and finally, understanding.

And no Edward bashing which is always a plus for me.

Jake's Girl weaves the story in a very believable manner where Edward knows deep down Bella belongs with Jacob and graciously steps aside. You have to read it to see how that happens but I can tell you this, it was masterful.

And there is a little added perk for the Non-Alice fans like me.

Jeepers she has ruined many a story for me. Jakes's Girl gives us a nice little jab at her and delivered wonderfully by Bella. Hallelujah!

Forever Hold Your Peace was a very likable little story.

If your a Jacob/Bella fan, you will absolutely love it.

And even if your an Edward lover, you will definitely have a smile on your face while reading.

You go Jake's Girl! Very well done!

Give the story a try, I am certain you will be pleased and start stalking around JBNP looking for some more stories that give a really nice balance for us all.

I do. ♥♥♥

You can find Jake's Girl on her JBNP profile

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