Sunday, July 8, 2012

"I have a complex Twilight love"  

So says PMU, administrator of the SheWolf Awards.

I agree in all the best ways too. I think PMU is just all kinds of awesomeness ♥♥♥

We are collaborators on the No Boundaries contest and I am very excited about this venture as it is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Bridging the gap between wolf fics and vamp fics. Not just a category, but the entire contest based upon that specific theme.

I was so thrilled when PMU asked me if I was interested in collaborating. I jumped at the chance! 

But I already knew who PMU was a bit before we cozied up as affiliates and collaborators. 

I am the stalker extraordinaire after all. 

She did my Ramblings avi for me as well as my Wolf Fic Rec banners for my site via Printing Paws. 

Bet you didn't know that. The fandom really is a small world.

So I was already aware of her amazing graphics works. She is also a writer, most known for her Leah fics. Which brings me to her site, SheWolfAwards.

This is the first and only site dedicated to Leah Clearwater. 

It is an amazing theme, a dedication and promotion to one beloved character. 

It is also a visually stunning site. I love looking at it. 

There are a multitude of segments, something for everyone. It is a site you will want take a look at. You do not have to be a wolf lover or even a Leah lover only to enjoy what PMU is offering. She does enjoy the vamps as well. After all, she does have a Leah/Jasper fic. 

With my gorgeous new site courtesy of AnIllicitWriter ♥♥♥, did you notice? I felt it was only fitting that my first affiliate interview for the brand new me be SheWolfAwards, affiliate, collaborator, and new friend.

So let's see what I was able to get out of PMU with some much gentle prodding...

Tell us about your site -

SheWolfAwards was started as a onetime award event due to the growing number of Leah lovers in the Twilight fandom. 

It was an avenue to help promote her character in a positive light with the help from fellow Leah lovers who were nominated for their Leah fics and pics.     
Due to the overwhelming responses SWA is what it is today - the first & only site dedicated to Leah Clearwater that is open to public posting & fic hosting. 

However the site mission remains the same - to show she is more than a bitter ex-girlfriend , the pack female harpy, but someone worth following & loving. 

Why did you decide to create the site?

As one of the original Leah lovers in Twi fandom, there was never truly a site that loved Leah like I did. 

So after batting around a few “Leah rants” with Sentinel10 on why aren’t there any sites or awards dedicated to just Leah Clearwater. 

So with the help of goldengirl2707, dontcallmeLeeLee and Sentinel10. The SheWolfAwards was born. 

What do you want your blog to accomplish?

To help bridge the gap between the wolf and vamp lovers who both share a common love for Leah Clearwater as their leading lady via posting reviews on their stories and spotlighting their graphics. 

While also maintaining SWA annual award and hosting several small challenges throughout the year.   

Are you a road warrior maintaining the site on your own, or do you have staff/help?

I’m a road warrior baby! 

However during the awards time I have wonderful help from goldengirl2707, dontcallmeLeeLee, and Sentinel10 to help set up the rules, nominations, and spreading the love. 

Have you or do you work on any other sites? 

I have done several layouts for a few sites, Impassionate Magic, LautMeraz Fic and award banners for JBNP Halloween contest last year 2011. Of course right now I have the pleasure of working with you (Fandom Fanatic!) in hosting No Boundaries. 

Do you have any plans for the future of your site that you would like to share? 

I have something special planned for Halloween but mum’s is the word for now.

Favorite thing about the TwiFic Fandom?

Finding that one unique diamond in the rough fic that hardly anyone knows about – Leah fics obliviously. I truly adore a underdog story that is worth a million reviews. 

What do you think is the most important component to a award site in the twific fandom?

Having a theme that is truly unique – try something new that hasn’t been done before. And if possible open to both sides of fandom and keep the rules simple and easy to follow. 

How did you decide on the site design?

I wanted something simple and streamline for easy navigation with minimal graphics that are detailed to give a creative flow. 

What is the key to a successful blog?

Easy navigation and weekly postings with new content. Also teaming up with other sites to share the fandom love.   

How do you grow your readership?

Providing different post on a variety of content that appeals to the mass while not ignoring the underdogs.  

If stranded on a desert island, and you can only have one fictional character with you, who would it be?

Wow …. This is tuff…. I have a few favs…. But I am at heart a cheeky Sam’s girl! So yeah … Sam Uley! 

How great was that! This is why I love doing affiliate interviews.

I love getting to know who is behind the sites, how they came up with their concepts, and where they are going. I love knowing these things and I am sure you do too.

Thanks so much PMU for letting me prod around in your brain for a bit!!

Below is where you can find more on SheWolfAwards as well as PMU's graphics and stories.

Tell me you don't love the diamond heart on her blinkie! I just love her graphics!

~ credoroza ~

Graphics - Photobucket and DeviantArt
Stories - FF Profile

SheWolf Awards Blogspot

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