Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project Team Beta is bringing us another semester of Smut University. This is the 3rd year these fabulous classes have taken place. Always a great way to start the summer.

I have read many a story where the lemon had actually ruined the story line causing me to flounce. And honestly, you really can't fault the writer for making the attempt, they just are not as easy to write as many think they are.

Sometimes they are just to long, sometimes too much "detail", sometimes they make no sense, and sometimes I am just like...eeekk!

PTB has a new format, new professors, new classes, and new homework assignments. And they are fantastic.

I have been following the stories along, and loving them!

Definitely some chair wiggling work.

And the lovely RaindropSoup, admin of The LUV'NV has been tweeting the stories individually for us.

So sign up for classes with Smut U or if you just want to read some really great and well written lemons, take a stroll through the campus of Smut U.

And for some lemon randomness...

Two favorite sites I find myself poking around looking for some inspirational and well written lemons: 

These are just a few of my favorites:

* Smut U banner by FrozenSoldier
   Naughty Edward manip by AnIllicitWriter 

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  1. Thank you for pimpage (and the mench), hun! :D I'm sure the students would be pleased with more feedback.

    A note for everyone: After you stroll through the Smut U campus, there's also a doc where you can find each student and assignment — . Check it out! You might find your favorite author attending or a new one to fawn over. ;)

    Thanks again, credoroza. Love your site (and the new look)! *hugs*

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  3. Thankyou for the mention, babe! You're too good to me! Oh, and I love the site's new look :)