Thursday, June 21, 2012

So, we have all wrote that starting line of a fic, liked it but didn't know how to finish it ourselves or we just don't have time to write it, but still curious to see how Edward would have handled that conversation with Bella or you read a fic you love, but it ended to fast. 

Well so have we. 

Which brings me to the contest below, this contest is the product of the Twilight 25 one-shot challenge.

Idealskeptic and I are giving you are 25 (50 total) 100 word drabble shots for you to make your own fic with. 

Find one you like, get an idea, write away.

 * Contest is Anonymous *

Dates To Remember

Contest Starts: June 30th
Ends: July 30th
Voting starts: July 31st
Ends: August 4th
Winners Crowned: August 6th

JudgesLyricalKris @lyricalkris  Sweeneyanne @sweeneyanne Theidealskeptic @idealskpetic
Host: Frankielynn @FrankiesJailed
Secret Keeper: Emma Lee Rose @_emmalee_rose

Prizes: Banners, Banners and More Banners.

Winning, second and third place will get a homemade banner for their entry, thanks to Twistedinmasen @Twistedlea.

We will also tweet out the winning, second and third place entries, plus a review on my personal blog site.

For More Info and Rules: 

Follow on Twitter: @Drabble_Contest

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