Sunday, May 6, 2012

Show Me Your Patriotism Contest

* An  anonymous contest *

Have you ever dreamed of Jasper as a sexy RAF fighter pilot in WWII? Wanted to see Carlisle sweating away as a French Legionnaire in Tripoli? Hungered to see Navy Seal Emmett in a wet suit? Or longed to have Marine Edward show you his Eagle, Globe, & Anchor tattoo!? 

Then we want to hear about it … PLEASE!!!!!! =P

Inspired by a need to drool over Edward in a military uniform, and the upcoming American Patriotic Holiday Season, we proudly bring you the “Show Me Your Patriotism” Contest. We want to hear about the heros in uniform and all they do to serve their country with pride, honor, and dignity. 

We also wanna hear about what they do when that uniform comes off!!!! 

So wow us, make us drool, make us cry, make us want to stand up and salute whatever flag that sexy-assed man unfurls before us. 

And isn’t it just providence that the King of Lust (Rob) would announce that his next role is going to be a military one the night before we roll out our contest!?!?!?!? We do!!! =D It’s like he’s giving us his blessing!!! *dreamy sigh*

Ahem … er … sorry!!! LOL

We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to strapping on our drool buckets and water proof panties!!

Important Dates
Entries First Accepted: June 1, 2012
Last Day to Enter: Aug 1, 2012 (11:59pm US Eastern Time)
Voting will be open: August 5-12
Winners Announced: August 15

Secret Keeper: caz12771
Banner Maker: Caius09
Judges: Artemis Leaena  Bakergirljg24  Caius09  KeyeCullen  SaritaDreaming

Rules and Info: Contest Site
Submission email:
Contest Twitter: @SMYPContest

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