Friday, March 2, 2012

Justified by little furry cannibals

I've always love stories written by little furry cannibals. When I first discovered her work, it was the story "Fate's Idea of Fun". She'd written a warning at the beginning that caught my attention right away: "A Jake/Bella romance that throws all etiquette into the bonfire! Warning: Do not eat, drink or smoke while reading. Failure to comply could result in hazardous choking or burning." I giggled, thinking, "Well, this should be interesting." And boy, was I right!

From then on, I was hooked her on stories. Not only does she write "funny" amazingly well, she can write brutal angst, creative fantasy and sweet fluff. "Justified" falls into all 3 of these categories, with an extra dose of sweet.

"Justified" follows Paul, the wolfpack's notoriously aggressive wolf, as he meets his imprint, a homeless girl who doesn't speak. She appears in Paul's life in the form of a pick-pocket, stealing Jared's wallet while the two wolves are out in Seattle searching for an engagement ring for Kim. They chase after the thief, of course, who has disappeared into an underground tunnel. Upon finding her, she faints in fear, and Paul, a newly imprinted wolf, is overprotective and decides he is going to take her home with him.

The following chapters explore Paul's desperate attempts to gain her trust while nursing her back to health. She is confused and still unwilling to talk, leaving Paul frustrated, confused, and surprisingly sexually attracted to his mate. As a man, he doesn't understand female behavior in the slightest, especially when that same female doesn't verbalize her wants and needs. As a reader, I feel bad for the pair!! For Bella, who is called Ariel (like the mute mermaid) and Urchin (because she is so tiny), because she doesn't know what the "Paul-Man" wants, so she is constantly trying to guess, frightened that she will make "the wrong choice" and he will be angry. And for Paul, because he only wants to make his imprint happy, and is doubly confused by both the female gender at large and by the fact that Bella refuses to speak with him.

All the pack want to help, and only add to the drama! The female imprints of the pack are worried Paul will just mess it all up, and the other wolves inspire an overt sense of protectiveness in Paul's inner wolf. 

I love this story because it is original, and explores a pair that is not very popular with the Twilight Fandom at large. Little furry cannibals manages to mix humor, angst, and romance into a sweet little fic that has so much potential. I can't wait to read each chapter as she posts, watching the characters develop and learn from each other. She also focuses on a topic that is troublesome for our society as a whole: homelessness. She makes you feel for her characters and root for them as the plot continues. She is an amazing writer and "Justified" will tug on your heartstrings and leave you giggling!

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  1. Fabulous rec! Even as an Edward lover, the story get's my attention and I've added it to my reading list. Thanks so much for sending the rec in and I hope to see more from the wolf lovers. Some really great stories out there that we know so little about.