Friday, February 17, 2012

What the shenanigans is going on with me? I am skipping all over the OCC line lately and *giggling* while I am doing it too!

I adore the ladies at Printing Paws. I did a fabulous feature on them a while back and they are truly an amazingly talented group. So when I decided to add a new segment to my site, Wolf Pack Lovers, naturally I sought out the wolf pack girls. *giggling*

And why am I giggling? Have you seen my blinkie? Or my twitter background? Both are gorgeous and of my beloved Edward. And you know who did them?? That's right, Printing Paws!! So even though these talented ladies are geared towards the wolf pack, they are not unwilling to step outside their beloved genre.

Talent knows no bounds.

Both wolf fic rec banners as well as the avi were created by PaintMeUnfinished of Printing Paws and they are gorgeous!

I am so excited to start this new segment and super stoked because I have stunning banners to highlight my recs! So stay tuned for my upcoming wolf fic recs and go check out Printing Paws! Even if you aren't a bonafide wolf lover, you will love their site and be amazed at their combined talents.

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