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Writing prompts for TwiFic authors. Links to other great websites including other prompts, writing help, and beta services.

A relatively new site, but one I've taken notice of.

Writers Block Prompts is the brainstorm of SheeWolf85, a writer in her own right. Her idea came from the idea of wanting to write but not sure what to write. I am pretty sure that happens to a great many writers.

This was a great interview. I am not a writer, so I was completely fascinated how these prompts come about and how one even thinks them up. Let alone the time and effort to maintain such a specifically geared site. 

So let's see what we can find out about Writers Block Prompts...

Tell us about your site

The site is a prompt website that offers writing prompts specific to the Twilight fandom.

I've included written prompts, music, and picsperation that involves more than just random pictures. I also take suggestions, and have posted several prompts that people have submitted.

Why did you decide to create the site?

I've had several moments when I want to write something, but I don't know what. I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Most of the prompts on the site are based on my own failed fics that will never be published. Maybe someone else can use them, y'know?

What do you want your site to accomplish?

I want to provide Twific writers with inspriation they need to write. I love it when I get a review or a comment from someone saying that my story made them want to write their own fic. I want the site to be able to provide that flicker of inspriation or that will to continue an already-in-progress fic.

How do you decide which fics or authors to rec?

My site does not rec fics unless they are sent to me and based on a prompt the site has.

Do you have any plans for the future of your site that you would like to share?

I don't have any plans to change anything on the site at this time.

Favorite thing about the twific fandom?

My favorite thing about the Twific fandom is the willingness to help that everyone seems to share. I've only ever shared in two fandoms; Phantom of the Opera and Twilight. POTO was so different; every author for themselves it seemed. In the Twilight fandom, sometimes it seems like we're all a group; we talk, we communicate, we argue, we make up... It's more than just a group of strangers; we're friends (for the most part, lol)

What do you think is the most important component to a rec site in the twific fandom?

Although my site doesn't rec stories, I can still answer this. I think the most important component is an understanding that the most popular fics aren't always the best. Just because a story has a freakishly high number of reviews doesn't mean it's the best thing out there. Some stories with very few reviews are even better.  A rec site should rec stories that are good, not just ones that are written by popular authors.

How did you decide on the site design?

I don't do my own designing.  I chose the best of the options on to fit the site.

How do you grow your readership?

I haven't figured that out yet. I'm still very new. At the moment, I imagine my readership is mostly people who know me for my stories on FFn.

Who are your founding members and current staff?

At this time, it's all me.


Thanks SheeWolf85 for indulging a fellow affiliate!

Definitely check out Writers Block Prompts. Even if your not a writer, it really is a very interesting site.

Writers Block website

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