Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dark and Wet Fantasies

Oh Jasper's Woman, you are a naughty girl! 

Those who know the naughty one from twitter and her story, Your A Cullen Now, absolutely adore her. I know I do.

Dark and Wet Fantasies is Jasper's Woman's blog where she posts news and updates of her stories. She also rec's and reviews other fandom stories on her site and is a Twi-Muse where she does their teasers segment. So when she decided to go the route of affiliation, naturally I was on board.

The Naughty Girl Challenge is a new feature to the site and runs every Friday. You are given word prompts and from the prompts your challenge is to write a sentence, poem, or a song. And because it is a naughty girl challenge, you are free to be as dirty and naughty as you would like.

I think it is a great idea as well as a fun challenge. I asked Jasper's Woman for a little info on her new segment, and she was more than happy to tell me all about it. 

Come stop by Dark and Wet Fantasies...don't be afraid...I dare you...


The Naughty Girl Challenge on Dark and Wet Fantasies blog is about being down right DIRTY and SEXY.  

You are given two or three words and must create a sentence, poem or song using those words. There are no limits to how naughty it can be. Winners will get to be a Sexy Bitch and post anything their heart desires the following Tuesday, as long as it dark, dirty, mysterious or slash. 

The first challenge @LadyTwilight86  won with "He was fucking my throat so hard with that smooth fat cock that my slobber was actually dripping from his balls!!!" 

The second challenge @IamTheAlleyCat  won with "I never thought a pickle could be such an erotic object, but when I took that moist, long, slightly beaded on the edges object and used it to thrust into my ass, I thought I had discovered heaven."

The third challenge is hard, DILF, harmonica.  

So give it a go and see if you can be declared a Sexy Bitch, I DARE YOU.

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