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Summary: I have a fascination, his name is Edward Cullen and I've been stalking him for years. He doesn't know it yet, but after tonight, he will be mine. E&B AU FAGE3 Submission written for Crystal Ruiz/cruiz107

You never know where a good story is going to come from. This is why I watch for postings of the fandom causes outtakes, contests, and gift exchanges. That is how I came across Fascination. It was part of the Ficawesome Gift Exchange.

Evilnat gives her own unique spin on obsession and stalking with Edward and Bella. In this scenario, Bella is the obsessed vampire and Edward is the luscious human she wants. This is stalking at it's finest. From high school through college and beyond, always keeping her distance but always watching and waiting for the right moment to approach and claim. 

And claims she does, in the most spine tingling way.

I loved this story. I loved the ending. I love the fact that Fascination could be turned in to a multi fic if evilnat decides to take that step. That would a wonderful treat for us all!

Definitely read Fascination, you will love it! 

And always pay attention to the fandom causes outtakes, contests, and gift exchanges postings. You never know what great fic you will stumble across.

"I watched him for years. Followed him. Stalked him. At first his scent lured me, and then his looks drew me in further. He intrigued me. Fascinated me. I was captivated.
And that was all before I had ever spoken to him."

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  1. FAGE was full of some AMAZING fics! Here is the link to the C2 that contains all of them ---