Monday, November 21, 2011

What is a Christmas Cracker you may be wondering?

A Christmas Cracker is a small cardboard cylinder, covered with decorative paper that holds candy or a party favor and pops when a paper strip is pulled at one or both ends.

We know that there are a lot of writers in the fandom and we know that more than a few of you probably have plot bunnies floating around that either you don't have time to write yourself or just don't think you can write the story. Well the Twigirls have a gift for you this Christmas, give us your plot bunny and we will find somebody to write it for you.

The bigger question is, what will your Christmas Cracker contain?

November 11th - November 23rd ~ Accepting Cracker submissions

November 24th&25th ~ Distribute crackers to authors

November 26th ~ December 25th ~  Accepting Story Submissions

December 28th ~ Reveal cracker requester/writer on

You can follow on Twitter: @twigirlsnxtdoor

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