Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Last Drop by Lulabelle98
Romance/Hurt/Comfort - BxE  One Shot  Rated: T

Summary: Can Edward stop Bella from giving up on him? Can he get another chance before it's too late? Entry in the 'Write That Tune' contest. Based on 'For The First Time' by The Script.

I love one shots that are packed with sorrow, angst, and romance. Probably because multi chapters crush my heart where as a one shot, easier to deal with the pain in small doses. And sometimes you even get a HEA, though not always.

Lulabelle98 gives us all that in her one shot she wrote for "Write That Tune". One Last Drop just broke my heart. It was filled with such sorrow and loss that I had to jump to the end to see how it ended. Yes, I cheated, but I had to. Every word I read hurt, but yet felt there was still hope. A true sign of angst. The hope that there will be an outcome of a HEA or at least an understanding.

The story begins with Edward sitting in a bar drowning his sorrow with drink, definitely not a good sign. And Bella home waiting for him, despondent in bed. What drove these two to this point, well, you'll just have to read to find out. But I can tell you, it was a great storyline and a one shot I could see continued in to a multi chapter story. And that is just the best, when you know the story could continue.

Lulabelle98 has a way of weaving words that bring you in to her stories. You completely feel the loss and pain of the storyline. This is also the same writer who is bringing us A Long Walk Home, another story that hurts my heart, but so very good.


I'm surprised that his words haven't reduced me to tears this time. Instead, they fill me with some hope. Maybe I'm being the selfish one here. I guess we should have worked through this together. I just couldn't handle it at the time. I couldn't handle a lot of things.

"I can be better," he continues. "For you, and for me. I won't drink anymore. I'll look for a decent job. I'll love you like you deserve. I'll be the boyfriend that's good enough to have you in my life... maybe one day you'll let me be your husband."

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