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Italian Moon by mrskebab
Romance/Hurt/Comfort Updated:10-28-11 Published:09-22-11

Summary: This is Edwards "missing time" from New Moon starts as he runs away and ends in Italy.

Oh mrskebab you saucy little thing! Imagine my surprise when I started reading Italian Moon and it was T rated! That was a surprise and not what I expected. But that's what happens when you assume your online bantering with a writer will transcend in to their stories. And so true for many I find.You could know someone in the world of Twitter, make assumptions based on tweets thinking they write certain genre's and emotions based on personalities you get to know. Only to find that is not the case. The mark of a true writer.

When I started reading Italian Moon, I wasn't sure what to expect. The rating threw me because I knew there would be no canoodling. And what's a FF story with no canoodling? I will tell you. A very well written, fully developed plot that will keep you coming back just to find out where the story is going.

New Moon is my least favorite of the Twilight Saga. I normally shy away from stories with the "NM plot" because I just did not go for the storyline at all. Probably because there was no Edward through the majority and definitely no Edward POV. Let alone Bella's continued wallowing without any real clarity. And even in the end when Edward returns, SM left us short with his POV. It just was not clear, leaving me with many doubts. I am not the type of reader that accepts the "trust me" or "it's just fiction" or even worse, "there is a reason". I need my POV's clear. I need my plots to make sense. Without that, my ADD kicks in, and I am out.

Italian Moon starts right after the infamous woods scene in New Moon. The story is written in Edward's POV as well as the affect on the rest of the Cullen's. And though the story is only 5 chapters in, you really get a sense of why Edward left, why he ran from the love of his existence and what it does to him.

mrskebab stays true to canon as she delves in to the thought process of Edward. You do get a feel for what led him to his decision and the torment he puts himself through. I am believing every word written and it makes sense to me, more so than the explanation New Moon gave us.

According to the summary, we will be taken all the way to Italy where Edward finally winds up. I am really looking forward to that and the journey this story will bring us on. Funny, I find I enjoy and understand the FF writers version of events better than the actual story. mrskebab gives you that in Italian Moon. You will understand Edward's mindset and the POV is beautifully clarified.

Italian Moon is definitely a story to check out and because only 5 chapters so far, your right at the beginning and it won't take long to catch up!

"I suddenly shivered, the realisation of what I had done hit me… I had left Bella for good. I felt weak, for the first time ever, I actually felt dead."

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  1. wow baby thank you i feel very humbled. The story is complete and ends in Italy at Bellas return.

  2. Thank you for writing your beautiful review of Italian Moon. I very recently discovered this story, but LOL, I was intrigued because NM was my FAVORIE of the 4 books. Masochist, I guess, but mostly, because friendship saved Bella (and Edward). If it weren't for our unique friendship in this weird virtual world, well, where would any of us be?

    Looking forward to more Italian Moon!