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Perchance to Dream by NTJB
Updated: 10-18-11 - Published: 12-17-10  Drama /Bella Rated: M

Summary: Bella Swan and Edward Cullen fall in love, deeply in love. But as their lives spiral out of control, Bella begins to realize that it might be too deep and questions whether it was love at all or something more dangerous...

NTJB, also known as BoubieD, is one of the funniest, most straightforward people I have ever met on Twitter. She tweets her mind, writes some wicked columns on her site, The Boubie Network, and is really a very good writer. She writes dark, thought provoking stories. Intelligent stories.

Perchance to Dream is dark and very thought provoking. It's the type of story you need to sit quietly to read, not lurk or skim through. It is chock full of nuances and innuendos that if you aren't paying attention to what you are reading, you will be lost. The characters are very OCC. Bella I found to be a lost soul, not truly knowing let alone understanding what she wants in life. Edward, very self assured and willing to do anything for Bella, comes across just as lost to me, but hides it much better than Bella.

Chapter 1 is going to knock the wind out of you. My heart was in my throat the entire time wondering what brought Bella to the decision she makes and why she feels so much pain. A pain you feel as well while reading the words pouring off the page.

Perchance to Dream is my weekend read when all is quiet and I can sit and just enjoy the intelligence of the story. The story has low review counts, but don't let that dissuade you. I find many complex stories have low review counts because readers just don't know what to say. I am in that latter group as well. This just isn't a story that "great chapter" "update soon" "loved it" will do. Personally, I have been working on my own review. I know BoubieD has put so much in to this story that a three word review is just not acceptable to me, hence my review here.

This is a story that deserves a chance. And if you give it the chance it deserves, you will not be disappointed.

From Chapter 1 -

Watching the steam rise from the dumplings, feeling the sweat on my palms, I drown in the hopelessness again. All morning, it overwhelmed me, remembering how I got here in the first place. I spent hours beating myself up over all of the bad choices I have made, only to come to the conclusion that I have to leave.

It would be so easy just to be with him...

If only there were an easier way out. If only I had the courage to take the road less traveled and get out of this mess, a.k.a. my life. If only the mistakes I made did not plague me so thoroughly.

The wax from the candles drips onto the white linen tablecloth like tears. It's a bad omen, and my stomach churns. How will I heal after abandoning him? How will I breathe? I pray that I will have the strength to be stable enough.

As I hear the front door lock click open, the soft light from the hallway brightening the foyer in a warm yellow glow, I pray to find another addiction...

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  1. I can't...


    I wish I could send you flowers. This is truly amazing. I really wasn't expecting this at all. And they are so lost. They're both searching for something in each other and in the world that they want to find so badly but I don't think either of them are strong enough for the truth.

    Thakk you again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.