Friday, September 2, 2011

There are a multitude of stories that own me. Stories that I will read numerous times, to the point I am quoting the dialogue as I am reading the story. These are my fall back stories when there are no updates on my current list or when I just want to fall in to my obsession's world, again.

So what happens as a reader when one of our obsessions is pulled by the writer? At one time, all we could do was cry, carry on, complain, and just sulk. But soon the dreaded "PDF" crept in to the Fandom and we were able to get copies of our obsession's. Yes, I know most writer's hate when their stories are pdf'd and posted and in all fairness to the writers, I know it's not right, we shouldn't do it, but so difficult to resist. To be able to own your own personal copy of an obsession. To pull out whenever the mood strikes you. Just to tempting.

But now with the rise of TWCS Publishing House, some of our obsessions are being published. Keep in mind, TWC publishes a great many original works, but lately, we are seeing many Fanfic stories being published. I initially found this to be great news. For one, I had always assumed that most FF writers ultimate goal, their dream, was to be a published author, not all, but many. I know if I was able to tell stories, and loved writing them, it would be my dream as well.

One of my all time favorites was given such an opportunity. I was so excited for the writer. I was excited for myself! I would be able to have my obsession forever. But to see these writers reach such dreams and goals, absolutely wonderful to watch from the sidelines.

Needless to say, when I finally received my story, I was confused. It was my story, but not. The storyline was there but obviously the character's names were changed as well as the characteristics and attributes. I understood the necessity because otherwise there would be copyright infringement, but I just couldn't make my brain read the story as is. I kept replacing the "original" character names with the "FF" character names. And by doing this, I was no longer reading the story. I was so busy wrapped up in my mind trying to replicate the FF story. I never read the story. I never got past the first 5 chapters. To this day, it bothers me. I just can not figure out what my issue is. Why can I not read the story for what it is?

I am one of the few opposed to FF being published. I know it is my issue, my problem totally. I know there are many that love the new versions and have no issue making the adjustment. It is a quandary for me because I am also happy for the writers that get the opportunity to publish. To attain their goals and dreams. How can you not be happy for them? One day I'll come to terms with it all, but for now, I'll continue to take a back seat on this subject.

However, on the horizon, there are FF writers publishing original stories. This is fantastic news! If you love their FF stories, you will love their original stories even more.

Two of my favorite writers to do original works are Sarita Dreaming, author of I Want It Painted Black and I Saw You Coming and Blood Of Your Lips, author of The Feral Blood Series.

Sarita Dreaming just recently won the TWCS original fiction contest for her story, The Weight of Roses. Fantastic story. Nothing like her FF stories, which I absolutely love too, but a true original work. I am so happy for her. With her win, she receives a contract with TWCS Publishing House. How phenomenal is that! And even more exciting for me, Sarita recently granted me the privilege of poking and prodding around her brain for an author spotlight story I am doing for My Vamp Fiction.

Sarita's interview will post on 9/7, and you don't want to miss it.

Blood Of Your Lips' story, The Feral Blood Series is just about the most original storyline I have read in the Fandom. Sadly, her story was given the proverbial boot by, but BOYL is posting on her own site now. I for one am extremely pleased! Nothing worse than a story you are following and enjoying being given the boot. Recently though, BOYL announced she was turning TFBS in to an original story. I thought, oh no!!! I didn't know what to think and just kept quiet because I do know her, she is one of my twitter pals and I like her very much. I was so torn. But then she recently posted the prologue for Feral Blood, the original work. After reading it, I was blown away! BOYL kept the context of her story intact, the original draw for me, but made it an original story. It is not her FF story. Your familiar, but it is definitely original. It will be some time before she is published, but there will be a blog, and some invited readers. I for one can not wait as this truly is quite the story she is weaving.

So, in closing, I love my stories, I love my obsessions, I love my writers, and I love even more when my writers post and publish original works.

For more on Sarita Dreaming and her stories - Sarita's Blog

For more on Blood Of Your Lips and Feral Blood - Feral Blood Blog and teaser for Original Prologue

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  1. I agree with you. I think we fall so hard for the fics we love, because it is a way to hold on to the beloved characters. So, when you strip that away... it's just not the same.

  2. I completely agree. If I've read a story as FF, I do not like the same regurgitated with different character names and attributes.

    I have read one published FF without reading the original online, and I did love that quite a bit because I hadn't had the exposure to the FF. I experienced the characters in the book for the first time without having a connotation to E/B. (Does that make sense?)

    I wish all my fellow authors success and that they get published, but if you do, I think it should be with an original story. By all means, use FF to hone your writing skills but I'm a bit reluctant to spend my hard-earned money on something I've read before for free.
    Congrats to SaritaDreaming. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. This is an angle I haven't seen before, but I agree, it must be so frustrating to connect with a story and be disappointed when the characters become so different. I'm opposed to publishing FF because it's the product of someone else's intellectual property, regardless of changed names or whatever.

    I'm totally of the opinion that fanfic authors who want to be published should be writing brand new original stories. They'd certainly get a heck of a lot more respect in that way. I'll never pull to publish. My fic is where it is till FFn finally falls over and dies, and then it's other places as well, and will remain until the internet chokes ;) I'm also completely and utterly fine if readers want to download my stories. No problem. I even post in an archive that provides automatic download of stories in whatever e-book format you require.

    Stephenie Meyer allows us to play with her characters for free. No way in HELL will I ever expect anyone to pay for the privilege of reading my fic.