Thursday, July 28, 2011

I enjoy all kinds of stories. As long as the POV's are clarified as well as the situations. If well written, thought out, and researched, even the most taboo of subjects can be a good read.

There has been a lot of bashing though lately on some of these subjects, some do not care for them. Understandable, I don't like every topic, but I am nosey enough to lurk a story. Sometimes I am surprised though and the common denominator is, it is a well written story. Do I continue it? Sometimes, sometimes not.

I recently read two posts in a blog that I adore. The blog is dedicated to the darker non-canon fiction. I am sure we have all heard of these ladies, Darkest Temptations, and if you like the darker side of fandom, their home is the place to be.

These ladies have been under attack. Personally, I do not understand why. Unless you like the dark side, it's not a blog you will follow. It's not like the dark stories are hidden amongst the fluff. No trickery. They are out there in the open the minute you open the blog. However, some reader's have felt otherwise. And because I am a reader, and usually side with the reader, I needed to know what happened.

And what happened, people were offended by the stories and attacked the writers. Now, you might think, if you don't like it, don't read it. Well, that is easier said then done. I know from personal experience, sometimes you can't help it. This is why I lurk. And if I am lurking, I am not commenting, not usually. And if I do, it's on the characters, not the writers. You can't form an opinion on someone you don't know.

The attacks have really gotten a bit out of hand. The fandom has really turned in regards to opinions and reviews. People really feel they have the right to come at someone with torches and pitchforks, both readers and writers alike. It's a little much. Even I, a staunch supporter of the reader. had to take a step back and ponder the outrage.

Again, really not understanding it all. If you are so opposed to certain taboos, why are you seeking them out? Because that is what you are doing by entering these blogs. I am not one for bestiality, maybe you are, but I am not. Hence, you aren't going to catch me on a blog that caters to it. See what I mean? It's one thing to come across a story that upsets, it's another to seek them out. Sorry reader's, that I can not support.

Below are the links to the posts. Take a look and read the words the hosts are saying. Try to understand where they are coming from and why before you mount and raise the torches.

Just saying, from one reader to another.

Darkest Temptations articles:

Different World
Journey To The Darkside

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