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a series of agains

Her past…

Single mother, KaLena Tweed, is a bright-eyed law student who has absolutely no reason to be wary of the world. But when her son is kidnapped by her boyfriend, her outlook swiftly changes. Ultimately her beloved son is returned to her untainted, but the same can’t be said for Lena, who is forever changed.

Her Present…

A hellish dating experience has permanently scarred KaLena, and five years later she is both the victim and villain in her own life’s story. Like a badge, she proudly wears her pain and anger for the world to see. For her, trust is a thing of the past and these days the only thing Lena can trust anyone to do is stay far away from her—and even further away from her son. But unfortunately, a woman has certain…needs that just can’t be denied, so she resorts to taking on a friend with ‘benefits’.

Their Future…?

Sheriff Tristin Sullivan is as kind as he is handsome and KaLena is unable to resist making him the lucky new recipient of her ‘benefits’. He quickly proves that he is undeterred by Lena’s lethal mouth and foul attitude. In fact, it turns him the hell on. Although their physical chemistry is hot enough to scorch even the sun, KaLena is careful to make it known that anything more is simply not in the cards for them, because her ability to trust was stolen at the same time her son was. Not one to be easily dissuaded, Tristin vows that he will have her trust and her heart because he’s damned determined to earn them—through a series of agains.

Cue an epic, sexy, and endearing battle of wills.

ASOA Ebook Cover

Book Title: A Series of Agains 
Author: Kiarra M. Taylor 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: June 14, 2016 
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When we reached my bed, he laid me down and wasted no time slipping on a condom. As he positioned himself between my legs, he kissed me roughly, biting my bottom lip gently in the process. My hands grasped at his slick back when he entered my wetness easily with one thrust of his hips. I moaned, throwing my head back and breaking our kiss. Unable to get to my mouth, his lips attacked my neck as he continued to thrust forcefully into me. I couldn’t remember ever being this turned on and wet for any other man.

His lips came up to my ear and he murmured, “You fit me like a fucking glove.”

I couldn’t formulate a reply because I was too busy drowning in a tsunami of pleasure as he continued to push in and out of me. Just as I was close to coming, he suddenly stopped moving. But before I could protest he smoothly flipped me over onto my stomach, and I breathed in excitement, loving how rough he was being with me tonight.

I positioned myself up on my hands and knees, taking special care not to press down on my tender ankle. But when Tristin entered me from behind all thoughts of my ankle were wiped from my mind. The sensation of him filling me, to the point where I could feel him in my fucking stomach overwhelmed me. He pounded into me and it hurt so deliciously good that I wasn’t about to tell him to stop.

He grabbed a handful of my surely ruined hair, yanking my head back as he continued to ram into me. The awkward position I was caught in, only served to make me hotter. To hell with sweet lovemaking, pull my hair and fuck me hard any day.

When his hand that wasn’t twisted in my hair snaked around and landed on my clit, I cried out and went over the edge into the unknown as my entire body convulsed with the force of my orgasm.

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About the Author:

Kiarra M. Taylor is a Pittsburgh native and current resident. She is a mother to a handsome son as well as a beautiful daughter. A lifelong bookworm, Kiarra began writing in the fifth grade and hasn’t stopped since. With so many genres out there she doesn’t limit herself to writing in just one and aims to write across genres. Her interests in books vary as does as her interest in music; she literally likes it all. Some of Kiarra’s favorite authors are; J.K. Rowling, Sylvia Day, Tiffany Snow, Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, Mary Monroe and ML Rodriguez.

Aside from reading Kiarra has a passion for all things Criminal Justice and currently holds several higher education degrees including a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

When Kiarra isn’t transferring fictional worlds from the dredges of her mind to her laptop, you can find her nose-deep in a book or spending time with her children.

Ever the social butterfly, Kiarra is very active on social media so please feel free to catch up with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads!


ASOA Ebook Cover
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