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The Billionaires secret kink cover blitz

Knox Rosesson is a 28 year-old self-made man, driven by the secrets and lies of his father. He's driven to find the lost half-siblings he knows must exist, to discover the truth about what drove his mother insane, and most of all, to never, ever become like his parents. But so far, that road has lead to personal entanglements he's afraid he'll never escape. These problems persist until he is tasked with guarding the one woman in the world who might be able to fix him, to sear his soul of its troubles and make him whole again.

Mica Nichols has been running her entire life. All her money and success has never brought her the safety she yearns for with all her heart. But one man made her feel safe on a very special night so many years ago, and when she sees him again, she hires him on the spot, while hiding her true identity from everyone, even him. She has followed his mysterious persona for the last decade, unable to reconcile the man she knew with the rumors she has heard. They will have one last chance to make it right, before Mica's past catches up with her.


Book Title: The Billionaire's Secret Kink 
Author: Lisa Ladew 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: 10/19/2015 
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Knox pushed away the pain that speared through him at the thought and focused on his brothers again. Darcia hadn't returned to them yet. A yard of blonde hair caught his eye and he turned his head to follow it.

A woman walked through the crowd on a man's arm, their backs to Knox. She wore a tight black dress that curved away from her amazing backside. His eyes were drawn to her ass and he felt heat flood into his sex as he imagined fisting that blond hair and tugging on it, while he buried his cock into the unknown woman, making her whimper.

It had been too long.

He needed a distraction from his life. She would do. He just had to get her away from her date and see if she would agree to his ... requirements. Then he could spend all night distracted and sleep through tomorrow. Maybe something would change by then.

Darcia and Daxton forgotten, he watched the couple. They made their way to the buffet table and the man began filling his plate. The blonde turned and seemed to scan the room. Recognition rocked into him. Brindi Battaini. The hot little private investigator that Hawk introduced him to last week.

He watched her eyes as they traveled over all the males in the room. They stopped on Daxton and Phoenix and her gaze sharpened, her eyebrows pulling together. Daxton looked a lot like him. Maybe she wasn't sure if Daxton was him. She must be looking for him.

Knox pulled himself upright and focused all of his attention on her, making himself tall and broad. Her eyes pulled to him and he lifted his chin and gave her a slight smile.

She smiled broadly and waved as Knox resumed his former relaxed attitude. Would the fact that he knew her make it easier or harder for him to get her home with him? He didn't know, but he was up for the challenge.

He watched her say a word to her date and then walk towards him, enjoying the roll of her hips a little too much. He'd never fucked a PI before, never meeting one he wanted to. Normally, he went for soft, society women, women he met at parties like this or at his father's club, and then took home to shake up their sheltered lives.

She reached him, practically bouncing to a stop before him. He kept his eyes off her breasts with effort.

"Knox," she said breathlessly, her smile wide. "It's so nice to finally meet you in person."

She held out her hand to him. Knox took it, but turned it and brought it to his lips. "Miss Battaini," he murmured, keeping his eyes on hers.

"Call me Brindi."

"Brindi," he said softly, her hand still held in his.

She pulled it back and her eyes widened slightly. She was getting the point already.

"Th-Thank you so much for getting me an invite. A party like this is a great opportunity for me." She stammered at first, but then regained her composure.

"Anytime," he said, cocking his eyebrow in a practiced gesture. He'd seen the effect it had on women before. It was his go-to move.

Her smile faltered as she stared at him, trying to figure him out. "I-I brought a date, because, well because..."

Her voice trailed off, as if she wasn't even sure what she was doing here. She looked nervously over her shoulder at her date, who was still perusing the food, blissfully unaware of the electricity Knox felt passing between him and Brindi.

He smiled at her, tracing the line of her lips with his gaze. "I generally keep my dance card open," he said. "But I'm regretting that. I should have brought you myself."

Brindi turned her head slightly and stared at him aslant, assessing him. He opened his hands. What you see is what you get.

Brindi's eyes narrowed. He could almost read her doubts in her face. She had heard something about him. She watched him like she would watch a suspect. "I hope everything turned out ok for your friend Hawk."

Knox smiled broadly, genuinely. "It did. We found the guy who blew up his house. Everything's back to normal now. Thanks for your help."

Brindi relaxed too. "That's wonderful." She looked over her shoulder again and saw her date searching the room for her. He found her and lifted a tentative hand. She waved back and raised a finger. One minute. When she turned back to Knox he could see the disappointment on her face. She wanted to stay with him. All he had to do was get rid of the guy somehow and tonight was a done deal for them. His night was spoken for.

"I better get back to..." She cocked her head back the way she had come and Knox nodded, letting her off the hook, for now. He'd follow her in a few moments, see what the situation was.

"I'll come introduce myself to your fella in a minute," he said slowly, his voice pitched low, seductive.

"Oh good. Ok then." She gave him a nervous half-wave and turned to walk away. Knox watched her go, knowing her cheeks were heating as she felt his eyes on her. He could see it in the new tension in her hips. She passed through the throngs of people, and when her lower half was blocked from his vision, his eyes crawled the crowds again, looking for his brothers or Darcia. He'd probably missed the explosion. But no one had yelled or screamed or cried or thrown anything, so there must not have been much to miss.

For the second time that evening his wandering gaze was caught by a woman. Knox paused in the act of lifting his drink to his mouth, his eyes locking on the brunette standing alone in another corner, nervously shifting her feet. Her! Even as he thought it, he knew it wasn't her. This woman was too tall, and her cheekbones were shaped differently. But the same gentle demeanor seemed to accompany her, even from all the way over here. Her lips twisted in the same perpetual pout that made him want to kiss them, taste them, devour them.

Studying the woman in the corner made Knox's mind wander to that night on the train ten years ago for the first time in months. To the sweet, soft woman who had yielded herself to him so completely. To the last woman he'd ever trusted. To the night of tender, consuming passion that every experience he'd had since had been measured against.

Oh Rachel, he thought for what felt like the millionth time. What happened to you? Why didn't you listen to me? Where are you? Alive? Dead? Do you ever think of me?

He watched the mystery woman, thinking about those stolen moments so many years ago and wondered if his life would be different if she hadn't disappeared. If he would have had a chance to get to know her. To bring her home. To protect her. To learn her secrets.

Maybe he wouldn't have so many secrets of his own right now.

Knox put his drink down on a table and crossed the room to the brunette, Brindi all but forgotten.

She wasn't Rachel, but she looked enough like her that if he tried hard enough, maybe he could recapture just a little bit of the magic from that night.

About the Author: 

Lisa Ladew lives in the frozen northwest, a mother and a wife first, and an author second. She says she's not cool or quirky or eccentric, and really has nothing to put on a bio. But she loves a good story and does her best to create enjoyable stories for her readers.

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