Friday, July 3, 2015

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Have you met Cameron & Victoria from the Beachy Bride Series yet?

Now is your chance, Bride in Bloom by J.B. Hartnett 
is FREE for a limited time!  

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For Victoria, it started with the perfect dress and the perfect man...well, she thought he was perfect. 

For Cameron, it started with a devoted wife and a bright future...until he discovered devotion was never high on his wife's list of marital duties. 

When trust is tested and faith in the power of true love is lost, there is only way one to restore it: 

Give that person everything you’ve got, nurture her, love her… 

And watch her bloom. 

In the first installment of The Beachy Bride series, we experience the love story of Victoria and Cameron. Both are no stranger to heartache, but both believe in the power of love. 

*This book contains mature content for an audience of 18 years or older. Sexual scenes M/M and M/F

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Published March 12th 2015 
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Katherine in Gold (The Beachy Bride #2)
 Releases on July 9th!  
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When Katherine Symes experiences heartbreak at the age of twenty, she picks herself up, dusts herself off, and declares no man will ever break her again. 

The independent, potty-mouthed Katherine makes no apologies for how she lives her life. 

Marriage, babies, and husbands are ideas she’s never even entertained. There is only one thing she’s never had the guts to do. 

Open her own cafe. 

The day of her best friend’s engagement, a stranger bulldozes his way into her life. 

Handsome, tall, and annoying as hell, he pushes all her buttons. A mutual acquaintance introduces them, and the stranger, Holst Rutherford, wastes no time in presenting Katherine with half ownership in a coffee shop he wants to open in Laguna Beach; he just doesn’t want to do it alone. 

Can she put up with Holst to achieve her lifelong dream? 

*Warning: this is a love story with sexual situations and copious swearing. It also deals with an inappropriate relationship between an underage girl and a much older man.

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