Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Grey Cole has released the cover to  ANY WAY WE WANT!

I couldn't have picked two men more opposing than they. One dark-headed, slightly controlling, but intuitive. 

The other all unruly copper curls, somewhat bashful, but sensual. Yet, my fall for them felt the same—hard and fast. 

I never slept around or cheated, but when you're the girl who got dumped for being too kinky--you realize and accept you are different. Somehow, someway, they had to be mine. My mind spun with what could be, and I set out to entice them with my fantasy. 

Only, my plot had a twist…Royce and Shea were already lovers. Luckily for me, they liked to share. 

Warning: Contains a headstrong daughter of nudist, hippy parents; an Alpha with seriously protective instincts; positive representations of Aspergers Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; and oh, yeah, M/M; M/M/M; M/M/F; and M/F/M.

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