Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Yep, that's right, we're having a New York City TwiFic Meet-Up! This all started with a small discussion between Dreamweaver94 and me, anhanninen. Soon after, AddictedToFic and MarthaKeely joined, and we finalized a date to meet up. Since we're all east coast, we figured NYC was the perfect meet-up spot. Once we had a date, Credoroza joined in on the conversation and before we knew it, this had turned into an actual meet-up, just three months away! 

Our very first survey had over sixty results and we realized an unorganized meet-up just wasn't possible with so many people. So, we planned. Dreamweaver94 was able to find the perfect venue for us on such short notice. To learn more about this meet-up, go to the 'about & registration' tab above to read over what we've put together so far. 

More info will come as everything is finalized, 
but for now, mark it on your calendar! 

TwiFic H00rs will be taking a bite out of The Big Apple on October 18th! 

Get it, apple, Twilight, bite? Heh.

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Registration is OPEN!!!

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