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Before I met Smoke I’d never been kissed, really kissed, by a man, let alone a biker sex god bent on taking my virginity and my heart.

I got dragged into the deadly world of the Iron Horse MC by my crazy twin sister who is engaged to the club’s President and the schemes of my even crazier mom who only cares about herself. Smoke has been assigned by the club to keep me safe even though he’s everything that I should be afraid of. He’s the kind of man who lives by his own rules and does whatever he wants whenever he wants, but he treats me like I’m something rare and precious, not a socially dysfunctional basket case who has no idea how to love, but needs him more than her next breath.

Not that my feelings matter, because if we don’t find my mother soon, the only thing I’ll have to be worried about is who is going to kill me first.

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Publication: July 15th 2014
Heat Level- Smoking Hot
Editor: Ekatarina Sayanova
Published by: Fated Desires Publishing
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Despite my sternest instructions to my hormones to remain unaffected, I couldn’t stop the tingle that ran through me as he met my gaze. “Why me?”

“God damn it, what is it with you women and why? I want you because I do. Because I dig you.”

“You dig me?” My voice sounded pitiful even to myself and I flushed.

With a wicked smile he pulled me off the table and onto his lap so I was straddling him in my brand new black leather office chair with my skirt hiked up around my hips. The moment I was settled his hands found my butt and squeezed. “Hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen in my life, and so damn sweet. You make me laugh, baby, and I love the way you look in that suit. All prim and proper, but I know what a bad little girl you are beneath all that.”

I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself or some other equally angry retort, but instead I moaned as he pressed his erection against me, rubbing at my exposed clit behind the thin shield of my silk panties.

Yep, I was a bad girl.

“That’s no fair,” I whispered then bit my lower lip when he rocked his hips against mine.

“What isn’t?”

“I can’t fight when you do this.”

He laughed, low and deep. “Good to know.”

I grasped his shoulders as he easily picked me up and set me on the desk, loving the feeling of how hard his body was beneath his shirt. “Promise me you won’t mess around with her?”



“You really that worried about her?” He palmed my ass and I pushed back into his touch.

“No, yes, I don’t know. I just-I’m possessive of you.”

He stilled, is breath coming out in a low rush. “Swan, I promise you I won’t mess around with any other bitch while we’re together, okay? I mean it. You gotta learn to trust me.”


I reached down and hooked my finger in my panties, moving them over to the side while watching Smoke. I loved how he froze, going into that predator mode I found so sexy. For whatever reason, I really liked how easily he became totally focused on me, and how hot I found his self-restraint.

Shifting the panel of my panties to the side, I looked down at myself, startled to see how pink and swollen my pussy was, and Smoke hadn’t even touched me yet.

“Do not move,” Smoke said in a raspy voice that made goose bumps rise up over my thighs.

Now it was my turn to freeze in anticipation as he scooted forward until his face was right before my sex. He pursed his lips and softly blew on my pussy, making me aware of how wet I was. Unable to help myself, I gave a mewling plea and spread my legs wider, dying for the feel of his mouth on me. Smoke had me totally addicted to having my pussy eaten and I wasn’t ashamed to admit it.

“Need something, babe?” Smoke asked while he slowly kissed each of my inner thighs. “You look sexy as fuck in this outfit.”

“Smoke,” I whined and shifted closer to the edge of the desk. “Please.”

“Please what?”

I knew he liked it when I talked dirty to him. “Your mouth. I want your mouth on my pussy and your teeth nibbling on my clit.”

“You want me to bite you?” Smoke looked up at me and I shivered beneath the intensity of his gaze. 

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I want to know what it feels like and I trust you not to hurt me.”

“Sweet baby,” he murmured right before he rubbed his lips all over the downy hair covering my pussy.

Before I could formulate a thought Smoke was audibly smelling my sex. I flushed crimson and tried to jerk away, but he threw my legs over his shoulders and licked his lips. “Gonna make you come, babe. Try to be quiet. I don’t need that fucking pervert Hustler hearing how fuckin’ sexy you sound when you grind that wet pussy of yours against my mouth. I know that the first time you take my cock I’m going to want to fuck you until you pass out.”

“Okay,” I instantly agreed.

Sounded like a good plan to me. In fact, if he wanted to do that right now I’d be all for it.

True to his word, Smoke worked my pussy in a merciless manner that made me moan out loud. No matter how screwed up things were between us, the sexual chemistry was out of this world. He stopped and glanced up at me, making me blush. “Sorry. It just feels so good.”

“Quiet baby, unless you want me to gag you. Which I would find hot, by the way.”

I squirmed at the thought of it and before I could formulate a reply Smoke licked at my sex and I choked back a moan. That only made him laugh, the bastard, but I forgave him when he began to nuzzle his nose against my clit while rubbing his tongue along the entrance to my sex. There was no way I could have remained quiet on my own, so I grabbed the cute scarf I’d been wearing with this suit from next to my computer and bit down on the blue and yellow silk.

Smoke groaned softly. “Just when I think you can’t get any hotter, you go and do shit like that. Fuck me. Sexiest damn virgin I’ve ever seen.”

He slid two of his fingers in me and I arched my back, lifting my ass off the table to ride his fingers, the silk of the scarf brushing against my cheeks. Smoke brought his other hand into play and he began to massage my clit while he finger fucked me. My muscles clenched down around his fingers and I gasped loudly, my need to come suddenly burning through me. God, it was almost unfair how quick he could bring me to the edge. It was as if he’d discovered the secret combination to my pussy that would make me his sexual toy.

I clamped down on the scarf, a scream caught in my throat as Smoke made me come so hard I soaked his hand with my release. Embarrassment had me trying to scoot away, but Smoke flipped open his jeans and tugged them down enough to reveal his erection to me. Rather than asking me to touch him, or hop on, which I was so ready for, he stroked himself while licking my juices off his fingers with gusto. The sight of it was so hot that instead of sliding off the desk, I parted my legs again and began to masturbate along with him. There was something really, really naughty about touching myself while holding Smoke’s gaze and finding myself drowning in his warmth, thinking that right now his eyes were as soft as velvet.

Smoke licked his lips and I was suddenly dying for his kiss. After slipping my fingers from myself, I straddled his lap and rubbed my pussy against his hand as he jerked himself off. Immediately he began to rub his knuckles against my clit while I attacked his mouth, kissing him with all the passion that he’d unleashed in my body. Sex with Smoke was a whole new world for me and I was eager to explore it. I loved tasting him, tasting myself on his lips, and the way he kissed me back with equal hunger.

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About the Author:

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With over thirty published books, Ann is Queen of the Castle to her wonderful husband and three sons in the mountains of West Virginia. In her past lives she's been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist, a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead-though she will deny to her children that it ever happened.

From a young age she's been fascinated by myths and fairytales, and the romance that   often  was the center of the story. As Ann grew older and her hormones kicked in, she discovered trashy romance novels. Great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she's never looked back.

Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her 'sexy space' and has accepted that her Muse has a severe case of ADD.

Ann loves to talk with her fans, as long as they realize she's weird and that sarcasm doesn't translate well via text.  

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