Monday, October 21, 2013

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Cinderella had to leave the ball before Midnight, Johnny Depp had 90 minutes to complete a task in ‘Nick of Time’, Bruce Willis only had a small amount of time to save the world in ‘Armageddon’, there was an iconic episode of Angel where he and Buffy only had 24 hours together with him as a human, Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile has also been immortalized on celluloid. How many times have you been gripped by a scene with a ticking time-bomb or almost fallen off the edge of your seat when your team wins the game in last 30 seconds of play or touched by a holiday romance with a one week expiry?

All of these have something in common – they are working against the clock.

We’re very pleased to bring you our new fanfiction writing challenge prompted by this theme. As always, this challenge is multi-fandom (which also means that cross-over fics are welcome) and is open to all manner of genres. Entries will be scored by a team of judges on a number of categories (technical writing, content, plot flow etc.), the story with the highest score wins.

Some Rules:

Each entry must based on the ‘Against the Clock’ prompt. The story must be a one-shot featuring any combination of characters from the fandom(s) of your choice. Crossovers between two fandoms are welcome.

Each entry must be original for this contest. Continuations of existing stories or outtakes will not be accepted. Contest entries can be continued after winners are announced.

Word Count: Story must be between 1,500 and 15,000 words.

Beta: Every story must have a beta. If you do not work with one, you can find help for this challenge from one of the talented betas at our affiliates: Sparkly Red Pen and Project Team Beta

All entries must be submitted in English.

All genres are welcome, all themes are welcome, but they must relate in some way to the ‘Against the Clock’ prompt.

Number of Entries: No more than two entries per person, including collaborations.

Ratings and Content Warnings: To ensure your fic has clear and concise warnings – if it contains slash/femslash, violence, foul language or sexual content, this must be stipulated in the summary and reflected in the rating you give your story. Random-Fandom advocates the use of correct labeling of stories so ALL readers (those attracted to and turned-off by extreme content) can make an informed choice. We will never promote fanfiction that glamorize rape, domestic abuse or sexual assault. In addition, stories that include pedophilia or racial bias will not be accepted.

Submission Period:  
Midnight GMT 1st December 2013 - Midnight GMT 31st December 2013

The winner from judges scoring will be announced 5th January – in the event that scoring is tied, a poll will be opened on this same date to determine the winner and will remain open for 7 days.

All contest entries should be emailed as an attached word document to:

Judges for this challenge are:
(More judges may be added)

For More Info & Complete List of Rules:
The ‘Against the Clock’ Challenge Page

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