Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Artist Marissa Engles has hidden in a world of paint and sorrow, ever since her parents died eleven years ago. When she meets Daniel Navid, sparks fly – literally – from her fingers to his. She’s immediately swept from her pristine world into one of terrifying darkness, dazzling, electrifying light, and unimaginable sensual pleasures.

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With her faithful Doberman by her side, Marissa uses her creative imagination to restore her Light Rebel skills. She comes face to face with pure evil - the demented sorcerer known as El Demonio de la Muerte. 

El D’s got plans for her. He plans to charm her into forgetting she ever met Daniel Navid, the sexiest, most dangerous man she’s ever known.

The Beckoning of Beautiful Things 
(The Beckoning Series #1)
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Is Marissa Engles crazy? Or is she a paranormal Light Rebel who can shape form and manifest things using the electricity buzzing through her veins? Her aunt and sister think “Crazy.” The locked mental facility they've put her in thinks “Delusional.”

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She’s so drugged up, she can’t tell if they’re right. Only her new pal, Rafe Caldwell, another mental patient “inmate”, thinks she is what she says she is. And he intends to find out more – lots more.

The only problem is her missing soul bound lover, Daniel Navid, who commands the darkest of the dark. But as they say, if the cat’s away…

The Beckoning of Broken Things
(The Beckoning Series #2)
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About the Author:

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When it comes to writing sexy books, supernatural romances, or an erotic paranormal romance series, Calinda B purrs with excitement, just like her two fine Abyssinian cats. She's got a life full of adventure and stories, a head full of imaginative realities and a willing partner to help her "research erotic possibilities." 

What more could an author ask for?

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