Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Loved loved loved!!! I love these boys! 

Jaxon and Liam are flesh and blood real. These boys literately sprang off the pages as I was reading. Their emotions, mannerisms, antics, and shenanigans are so palpable, so realistic, you lose yourself in them. You will think about these two long after you finished reading, wanting and needing more.

The Race is On is the follow up to Same Page, which I loved and it starts right where we left off, with Jaxon and Liam finally together and declaring themselves to each other. We were also teased with some trepidation with Rafael, the uber gung-ho paparazzi hell bent on getting his money shot, convinced Jaxon is in love, but with who?

Lily Velden did an excellent job of moving us forward.

The Race Is On envelops you in love and romance. Jax and Liam are just so in love and it just oozes with every page. There love is so realistic with all the fears of "messing up" in a new romance, all the cravings to spend all their time together, and all the self discoveries they learn from one another. I was a grinning fool for these two!

There is also some very humorous moments compliments of Jax's exuberant personality as well as Liam, who is normally very reserved. Can I just say sometimes a hickey can cause loads of embarrassment!!

We also had some drama. Jax's coming out to his family and the intrepid Rafael, on the hunt for that perfect shot, not realizing the danger it will cause. And there was some definite danger towards the end wrapped up in some very difficult hurt. Oh my did my heart hurt for Jax and Liam. A very serious dramatic situation. Your heart will definitely pound!

But mostly it was a story of love and discovery. A very sweet love story. The dialogue once again was perfect as well as the emotions. Some definite growth in the parts of the characters and Lily Velden truly out did herself bringing it all to the surface in such a realistic way. You really believe the love, and not just between two men, but two people just brimming with it.

Lots of smexiness going on too. I am such a stickler with sex scenes. I have found more times than not with a story this size that if you inundate the reader with sex, you lose the story line. More is not always better. Always a huge disappointment to me. But Lily Verden did an amazing job with them too. They were all completely appropriate to what was going on and they were done so beautifully, truly making love came to mind for me. Not that there weren't any grabbing and wall banging smexiness because there was, but they were perfectly appropriate. 

Perfect, I use that word a lot don't I? Well, perfect is the only way I can describe these two. A beautifully written, perfect and realistic love Jax and Liam have reached.

I was giving myself some serious hugs by the time I finished! 

And there is one more book to go for these two! 

I got a little sneak peek of a few chapters of Happily Ever, book 3...Jealous?? Ha!...Definite warm fuzzies and I love how their lives and family have become everything to them. But I am certain Lily isn't going to make things that easy for them either. 

Looking forward to that, loving these boys!

Absolutely loved this story and will forever be stalking the author! Review will also be posted on my Loved These shelf on Goodreads.

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