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The Second Creation weaves together two stories; a life ending comet strike on earth, and inter-galactic war within the Realm of the Galaxies. 

Research by Sandia National Laboratories Comet Impact Simulations brings incredible reality, and biosphere life begins a new human story. 

Dunge Katorsay, an Apostle of the Anti-Christ, leads his forces from the Draco Constellation to defeat the realm and become its chairman. 

Brian Hudson and Charlotte Tennyson are introduced as earth embryos. Both are born years later on another planet. 

Charlotte is captured by Draco forces; her memory copied into her physical clone, who returns to Brian to spy on the realm. Charlotte's bisexual tendencies were revealed, and she is kept by Dr. Sorsin, the lesbian bio-engineering genius. 

The ending above the earth, as their forces collide, is a horrific battle between the Anti-Christ and the second coming of a God child.

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Believability & the Reader's Acceptance of Creating Alternate Worlds

People into science fiction already have some idea about the universe, galaxies, space flight, black holes, super novas, and the fact that our planet is subject to comet or asteroid strikes, and super volcanoes that have obliterated life to the point of extinction. The dinosaurs had their apocalypse several million years ago when that comet smashed into the Caribbean Sea and sent debris into the atmosphere that killed most all life on earth. 

Only in the past fifteen years have scientists realized that Yellowstone National Park is one huge caldera that was left after the molten magma underneath exploded about 642,000 years ago (not the first time either) and destroyed most of the life on earth. A super volcano. 

Now the 132 square mile Yellowstone lake is getting hotter again, and some trees at one end of it have died - their roots burned, so volcanologists say it's due to explode again and there's nothing we can do about it. Mother nature rules and mankind is just another species that will expire at some point. It's evolution at its most evident. 

Then there's the Malthusian Theory. In 1803 Thomas Malthus, an Englishman, predicted that over-population and lack of enough food would end the human race. I think that guy was prescient; since that's what is happening now.  
FACTS and thorough RESEARCH are the keys to holding a reader's attention. Research completed by Sandia National Laboratories at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuguerque, N.M. at the request of the DOE (U. S. Department of Energy), was a rare find, a real gem for an author. Sandia, using state of the art computer technology, determined what would happen on earth if a kilometer-wide comet hit in the ocean off of Long Island. 

I simply took the most incredible facts about what would happen, and put the comet strike on the western edge of the Antarctic ice shelf, which oddly enough, is the most volcano rich area in the world. 

Using the comet, moving at 135,000 miles per hour, I predicted the strike would cause a series of volcanoes to erupt again; along what's called the ring of fire, volcanoes that go up along South and North America to Alaska, across to Russia, and down past Japan. This is what makes it real and believable to the reading public. 

The Second Creation is two stories that intertwine. And this is the other KEY to reader believability. The writer has to involve earth people. Readers can associate and develop a kinship with them. Just look at the recent success of 'Wool' - written by Hugh Howey, a runaway best seller that was as an e-Book.  

I begin with earthlings. I introduce Brian Hudson and Charlotte Tennyson; created in alien space craft, as they hovered over the earth, but born 100 years later from frozen embryos on another planet in our Milky Way Galaxy.

At the same time, I created the Realm of the Galaxies, using the names of actual galaxies, and introduce the antagonist, Dunge Katorsay, leader of the Draco Galaxy; who becomes an apostle of the Anti-Christ and intends to take over the ten galaxy realm. A galactic battle in space that culminates near and on earth also builds reader acceptability. 

*Admin Note: I had asked the author to tell us how he went about creating his world for the story and how you would get the readers to believe and accept it. It is something that had always fascinated me. Writing about something that does not exist. I love this post! So much that I have been googling all his examples!
The Second Generation is a must read. I have recently started myself and am already completely engaged in the story. Review to follow soon!

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About the Author:

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Kenneth S. Murray lives with his wife Beth in Winter Park and has sons and daughters and three grandchildren. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he served in a top secret cryptographic unit of the U. S. Army in the Pentagon during the Korean war organizing intelligence from codes deciphered by the National Intelligence Agency. He moved to Florida in 1958, retired early and for the past fifteen years has been writing novels and poetry.

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