Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Without even touching you, he whispers quiet words against your ear.

They're the kind of words that send chills to all the right places...and make you consider doing things you never thought you would before...

This was definitely a fun and oh so naughty contest! Lot's of entries, 39 in total! A contest reminiscent of the fandom I have always loved. 

Congratulations to the winners and judges choices 
and huge kudos to all the amazing writers that participated!

But with any contest, there are always my favorites I like to give a little shout out too. There were many that I really liked, but these were my top favorites!

And these were some amazing one shots. Saucy, naughty, and good little story lines. I always need a little story with my smexy.

Do check them out as well as all the entries, good reading and some really fun surprises who the writers were. Always love the reveal!

Credoroza's Favorites:

Summary: Bella's been lusting after library patron Edward for a while. He appears to be the epitome of a perfect gentleman, but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover... 

Summary: Isabella witnesses something in her boss, Edward's, office that she shouldn't have. She flees to avoid getting caught and loses a shoe in the process. But did she really get away undetected?

Summary: She'd left Mr. Stuck-in-a-Rut a year ago; could she get what she wanted from guitarist Edward?

Channel Five by Planetblue

Summary: A private plane. A velvet voice. A seduction miles above ground. 


You can read all the entries on the Dirty Talkin' Edward Contest FF site and for the winners, judges choices, mentions, and big reveal of the writers that participated, check out the Dirty Talkin' Edward Contest page.

Huge thanks to our hosts, judges, secret keeper, blinkie maker, banner maker, and validators - amazing job ladies!

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  1. I liked Channel Five too! But my favourite was probably The Periodic Table by Livie79

    1. Another goodie. Definitely not easy making choices. Judges and public must have had a hard time, I know I did!