Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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FWAR announces our newest one shot contest theme:

Pic(k)-up Lines

No we are not talking about the cheesy lines that you hear in a bar! LOL


You pick from a pool of inspiring picture prompts, and we assign you a “line” that must appear somewhere in the story. You must utilize both prompts for your entry to qualify.

The picture prompt can be used any way you'd like, but the “line” must be used exactly as given. Other than the mandatory use of the prompts, there are no limitations on your creativity.

Once you have selected your photo prompt, message us at the contest email address:

Prompts will be given on a first come first serve basis. Prompts will only be used by one person and will be marked "TAKEN" when it is no longer available.

Once we have received your photo prompt link at the contest email address, we will email you with your assigned contest line prompt.

(Since this is an anonymous contest, we can have no public sign up sheet)

Please Note: This is an original fiction contest

All genres and ratings are welcome as long as your story follows all contest rules and regs. 

Go wild, and impress us with your imagination!

Important Dates:
Entries accepted from July 1st through 31st
Voting will take place from August 4th through August 9th
Winner to be announced on August 11th

For More Info: Contest Site
Follow us on Twitter: @FWAR_Contests

You must be a member of FWAR to enter contest

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