Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Truer words have never been spoken.

Lately I am a whirlwind of stalking aka fangirling.

This has been a phenomenal year for really good stories. Original fiction, fanfiction, even the infamous pulled to publish. What can I say? I love what I love. I've hopped on a few bandwagons and have happily sailed away with them.

Something I very rarely do.

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Not a fan of the bandwagon but this year, well, the bandwagon doth not exaggerate the hype unjustly.

Sometimes you read a story that is just so good, you need to tell everyone. Not only do you need to tell everyone, you need them to read it too. And once they've read it, they need to join you in your fangirling induced haze so that you can fangirl with freedom and understanding.

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So yeah, tons of feelings when you are fangirling.

Do you fangirl? I think we all do to an extent. And do we fangirl the same? Yes we do!

Personally, I fangirl fictional characters. There is absolutely nothing better than when an author brings a character to life. When they are so real you think about them during the day. 

You sit up until 2am to finish a chapter because you need to know what happens next. When you are a little sad the story ends but then are rejuvenated when you find out the author is writing a continuation. Do you envision yourself in the story or with the character? Do you whisper/chat with a fellow fangirl at the office? Do you bring the object of your haze in to the office, lay it on coworker's desk, and quietly walk away? Do you mark your calender for the release date so you can order it right that very moment because you must?

Did you say yes? Then you are a fangirl! 

Stand tall. Join in and be proud! Go ahead and love what you love!

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Link to my Fangirling Selections and do tell me yours!

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